Our Asta Powerproject BIM Practice


Asta Powerproject BIM brings 4D planning within affordable reach by combining 3D models with scheduling tools.

This new version of Asta Powerproject incorporates BIM features that enable 4D planning, drive greater collaboration, and deliver communication, time and efficiency benefits. It enables users to link project plans and 3D models in a single application and share information between applications using the IFC4 data format.

In addition to project schedules done in Asta Powerproject, the solution can read project schedules done in Oracle Primavera P6 and MS Project.

Asta Powerproject BIM extends the functionality of Asta Powerproject enabling you to create a flexible, 4D-enabled planning platform that can use the Elecosoft BIMCloud to share information.


  • Quickly create your project plan directly from your IFC model file by:
    • Dragging and dropping objects between the 3D view and Gantt chart
    • Using structured templates with predefined searches to automatically link to the IFC model objects
    • Splitting 3D elements to allow linking to separate sub-tasks
  • Compare `planned' and `actual' schedule plans with full 3D visual impact
  • Create and play a time-line of your project linked to milestones and baselines to simulate subsections or whole projects
  • Manage large projects with the ability to save snapshot positions to enable quick navigation
  • Save images to standard graphical formats to use for reporting or site recording of project status
  • Use full property controls for visual impact and ability to hide and view objects
  • Manage your 4D planning at an affordable cost
  • Import costs from estimating applications, including Bidcon
  • Plus, it's ideal for tendering and progress monitoring in 3D
Download the Asta Powerproject BIM Brochure

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