Our PMWeb Project Management Information Solution Practice

CMCS’ 30 years track record in providing project management control solutions for the engineering and construction industry has enabled us to go beyond just tools implementation but also to address the project control requirements. Our professional services team that are involved in PMWeb implementation are mostly engineers who have delivered project control systems on many projects in the MENA region.

Today PMWeb is used by world leading organizations such as GE, Goldman Sachs, Harvard University, Hill International, CBRE, City of New York, European Investment Bank among many others. In the Middle East, PMWeb users include Kuwait Ministry of Public Works, Al Maabar, Dubai Parks and Resorts, Amanat Makkah, Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), Al Turath Engineering Consultant, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering, Laing O’Rourke, ConsultantHSS, Al Nasr Contracting, Associated Constructions & Investments (ASCON), Al Ryum General Contracting, Vital Quadro Consultancy (VQC), Ali Moosa & Sons, Union Properties, Bin Shafar Contracting, Brookfield Multiplex Middle East among many others.

Organizations who have selected PMWeb have reported the following benefits for using a single platform to manage, control and report on their projects selection and delivery performance:

  • Improvements in Business Practices Relating To Projects Selection and Delivery
    • Diligent Selection of Projects
    • Efficient Management of Risks and Issues
    • Implementing Sound Project Governance Practices
  • Improved Effectiveness in Avoiding and Resolving Construction Claims
    • Effective Change and Claim Management
    • Safeguarding against losses from not recovering justified Damages and/or paying for unjustified Damages
  • Enhanced Efficiency Resulting From Automating Processes and Sharing Project Information
    • Automating and Standardizing Project Management Processes, Project Document Management and Periodical Project Performance Reporting
    • Protecting Project Files and Important Documents on a Safe and Effective Retrieving Platform
  • Optimized Operating Cost
    • Optimizing the Operating Cost of managing projects by eliminating duplications, enhancing the decision making process, effective collaboration

Managing Project Life Cycle and Stage Gates
PMWeb is a multi-project, multi-program solution designed to manage the complete project life cycle for any engineering and construction project. Stage Gates are used to enforce governance at important decision points during the project life where the organization will formally review the deliverables of each stage and decide if the project still meets the desired objectives or not and if they ready to proceed with the next stage. Deliverables approval and stage gate review forms are developed using PMWeb Custom Form Builder. The formal review steps for deliverables and stage gates are mapped into PMWeb highly configurable role-based visual Workflow which allows decision branches, approval authorization limits, delegation among many others.

PMWeb Project Lifecycle

Capital Planning Stage
During this stage, PMWeb Initiatives is used to capture, assess and score all possible project investments. Cost Estimating allows bottom-up and top-down cost estimating as well as importing cost estimating for MS Excel and other cost estimating applications. Portfolio Planning is used to align initiatives with the organization’s capital plan. Using PMWeb Custom Form Builder and Workflow, the user can develop all project management processes Project Charter, Project Business Case Requirement and Project Evaluation and Scoring. PMWeb Schedule allows developing the project schedule as well as import schedules from Oracle Primavera P6 and MS Project.

PMWeb Capital Planning

Pre-Contract Stage
During this stage, PMWeb Pre-Qualification module allows designing the qualification questionnaire that consultants and contractors to help short-listing those companies to be invited to bid on the project using the Pre-Bid module. This information will be used to update the company directory in PMWeb to enable inviting only qualified contractors. The On-Line Bidding is used to capture all bid proposals for the tendered bid packages which will be analyzed using the Procurement module. Using the Custom Form Builder, PMWeb can be used to create the Technical Evaluation form which usually project owner will evaluate before assessing the commercial bid. The Commitment module will be used to capture the formal contracts award between the project owner and the contractor or consultant.

PMWeb Pre-Contract 1

All project communications during the design development and tender/award phases such as meeting minutes, correspondence, design reviews, drawings, transmittals, value engineering workshops meeting minutes, authorities approvals and permits, risk registers, issues management, weekly progress reports, public authorities approval, NOC’s, design deliverables approval among others will be captured using the Engineering Forms and Custom Form Builder along with Workflow to map the review and approval processes. All project documents including drawings, specifications and others will be stored in their original file format (DWG, PDF, XLS, WORD, etc.) using PMWeb Document Management repository which comes with a Viewer to allow reviews and redlining.

PMWeb Pre-Contract 2

Cost Estimating will be used to develop and maintain all versions of the project cost estimate as per the available level of detail. The Budget module will be used to develop and maintain project time-phased budget. The Budget Adjustment will be used to be used to document all budget changes and transfers. PMWeb Timesheets is used to capture the man-hours spent against the project activities. Those man-hours are used in the Progress Invoices to verify the actual percent complete due for the consultant. PMWeb also capturing Payments against approved Progress Invoices. Changes to the scope of any contract are captured in PMWeb using On-Line Changes, Change Events and Change Orders modules.

PMWeb Pre-Contract 3

During the Tender Construction phase, PMWeb Engineering Forms, Custom Form Builder, Workflow, Document Management, Cost Management will be used to manage all project management processes including Invitation to Tender, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) Tender Documents, Tender Addendum, Bid Clarifications, Pre-Bid Meeting, Tender Bonds, Received Tenders from Bidders whether using PMWeb on-line bidding module or through regular tender submission, Tender Submission Log, Technical evaluation, Commercial evaluation and bids comparison, Appointing of Successful Bidder and Building permit.

PMWeb Pre-Contract 4

Post Contract Stage
The post contract stage will address how to monitor and control the construction phase using the right processes for managing project records and ensuring that actions are taken without delaying project’s milestone dates. PMWeb Engineering Forms, Custom Form Builder, Workflow, Document Management, Cost Management will be used to manage Letter of Intent (LOI), Letter Of Award (LOA), Contractor’s Contract, Contract Documents, Baseline program and any monthly updates/recovery versions, Contract Addendums, Variation Orders, Bonds, Insurance and Bank guarantees, Payments applications, Site Inspection, Project Correspondence, Request for Information, Meeting Minutes, Daily Reports, Submittal and Transmittal, Safety plan, Safety and Accident Report, NOC’s and permits, Project Directory, Non-Compliance Report (NCR), As Built Drawings and O&M Manuals and catalogs, Testing & Commissioning and Snagging list. PMWeb BIM module will allow linking project’s records to Revit Building Information Modules (BIM) objects.

PMWeb Post-Contract 1

PMWeb is used to manage the processes during the defects warranty phase including Taking-Over Certificate, Final Taking-Over Certificate, No Objection Certificates (NOC), Authorities Approvals and Permits, Warranties and Guarantees, Inventory and Spare Parts Handover, Project final accounts clearance and Transfer of Completed Facilities to project owner. PMWeb COBie Manager and Document Management is used to formally document as built drawings and O&M Manuals. All those documents and manuals will be stored in their original electronic file format in PMWeb Document Management Repository.

PMWeb Post-Contract 2

Asset Management
During the Asset Management stage, PMWeb Locations will help the client in capturing and maintaining log of all completed project facilities, assets and equipments. For each asset and equipment, PMWeb allows capturing the depreciation and operation cost, preventive maintenance requirement, GPS location, Bar Code among many other important information. PMWeb Maintenance Contracts and Lease Contracts support the award and management of those agreements. PMWeb Work Requests, Work Orders, Inventory and other modules will be used to support managing this stage of the project life cycle.

PMWeb Asset Management

Projects, Programs and Portfolio Dashboard Reporting
PMWeb enables sharing and visualizing a single version of truth of projects performance and health using highly-configurable built-in Business Intelligence Reporting tool. The project performance level an organization want to report on do vary depending on what they need from a project and what matters for them most. Some stakeholders might be interest in high level key performance indicators (KPI) that address project key objectives of schedule, budget, safety, contracts, risks among others. For others, the KPI should not be limited to only those objectives but should include other critical information such as documents, issues, changes, etc. Regardless of the stakeholders needs, they all should be reporting on the same project information and no one should be allowed to manipulate what information to present.

PMWeb Dashboard


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Our Oracle Primavera Solutions Practice

CMCS’ relation with Oracle Primavera is unmatched. Since 1984, CMCS has received 52 awards for their performance and achievements including the first ever Primavera Four Million Dollar Club award back in 2008. CMCS, a Platinum Oracle Partner, is a specialized Oracle Primavera EPPM P6 8.2 and PCM 14 partner. CMCS has also achieved Oracle Specialization in Engineering & Construction, Oil & Gas Industries and Public Sector. CMCS was the first company ever to receive the Oracle University (OU) Award for Best Partner Performance Oracle Primavera FY2013.

Our Oracle Primavera Practice extends beyond offering the complete Oracle Primavera solutions but also to include third party applications and solutions that are designed to increase the value of what you have already invested in. Those offerings include cost estimating, timesheets, trail audit, SAP and Oracle Integration, STO management, document management among others.

Oracle Primavera Solutions PracticeOracle Primavera Software Applications That We Sell Licenses and Provide Extended Service Level Agreements (SLA)

  • Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM)
  • P6 Progress Reporter
  • Primavera Contract Management (PCM)
  • Primavera Risk Analysis (PRA)
  • Primavera P6 Analytics
  • Oracle AutoVue Enterprise Visualization
  • Oracle Primavera Unifier
  • Oracle Instantis EnterpriseTrack

Oracle Primavera Software and Other Related Applications That We Implement and Configure

Oracle Primavera EPPM P6 and Oracle Primavera Contract Management CMCS is an Oracle Partner and one of the few certified as Specialized Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management and Oracle Primavera Contract Management. This certification is limited to those organization who have shown credible evident and reference in implementing Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management and Oracle Primavera Contract Management software. CMCS’ EPPM P6 and PCM implementation include the following services: Discovery – helping clients understand what they need to get the most out of Oracle Primavera, Installation – getting the software installed with the right access rights and security levels, Implementation – getting the information that our clients want to have from Oracle Primavera to better manage and controls their projects, Training – teaching users on not only how to use Oracle Primavera but the project management knowledge needed to better understand how to make use of this information and Support – software and user support including staffing if needed. Other related services include application data migration and health check audit.


Oracle Primavera Unifier CMCS offers Oracle Primavera Unifier implementation. In addition, CMCS and in collaboration with ENSTOA provides the following unique offerings:

  • Sprint Zero which consists of 2-3 day on-site workshops that are run by our experienced team to define management metrics, discover pain points and bring to light new opportunities. This offering is of great value for organizations that have not started implementing Unifier and need to document requirements and develop an implementation plan.
  • Health Check that will address Technical Design to ensure that the solution design and configuration is streamlined in accordance with best practices, Usability to provide recommendations on how to improve the usage and usability of forms and business processes and Best Practices Database to inform and support the technical design and usability recommendations with usage and configuration statistics from our vast repertoire of Unifier implementations.
  • Unlimited Support as all Unifier implementations requires support past their go-live date. Our Unlimited Support provides access to a Unifier expert and useful resources at anytime, anywhere. Our Unifier Solution Center ensures accuracy and consistency of your Unifier configuration, work flows and usage.
  • Adapters to increase the value of your Oracle Primavera Unifier which include:
    • Panoptra™ for Unifier which is an enhanced reporting and data visualization platform for Unifier, Panoptra™ for Unifier blows out the limitations of standard reporting techniques in Unifier and transforms big data analysis and visualization to reflect best practices for capital project management.
    • Integration Adapters which are designed and configured to handle complex data transformations precisely to streamline critical business integrations between financial, facilities and project management systems is a time consuming and risky endeavor.
    • Oracle Primavera Contract Management (PCM) Convertor is a fast, easy one-click migration tool that moves data between PCM and Primavera Unifier instances.


Oracle Primavera and Cost Estimating Integration Using Nomitech CostOS. CMCS’ CostOS implementation include the following services: Discovery / Needs assessment – helping clients understand the Estimating Skills they need to improve their Estimating Competence and assessing the Pre-configuration of CostOS Estimating, Installation – getting the software installed with the right access rights and roles of users, Data Migration – Importing Historical Data from Past Estimates or Actual Projects into the CostOS Centralized Database, Implementation – setting up the layouts, cost models, access to commercial databases, and custom reports that our clients want to have from CostOS to better manage and control their Estimating Processes, Training – teaching users on not only how to use CostOS but also the cost estimating and assembly development knowledge needed to improve their Estimating Competency, Support – software and user support including staffing if needed. Other related services include Developing BIM models for Quantity Takeoff, Value Engineering and 5D within the CostOS platform, Consulting on developing “Interoperable BIM Models”, Developing Custom Assemblies/ Cost Models per clients needs, Training on the NoDoC Oil and Gas Knowledgebase and Localization, custom Integrations Assessment for further development by Nomitech and health check audit.


Paperless Project Delivery for Oracle Primavera Contract Manager/ Unifier and SharePoint. We understand that Document Control is one of the core activities for every project and it is here where some of the greatest gains can be made with the application of simple add-ons, and our expertise that can save full-service providers of consulting, design, construction, and operations services companies’ significant costs on every project. We believe Paperless Project Delivery is about providing a platform that enables your organization/ project delivery teams to seamlessly flow information through business processes digitally and intelligently, removing the need for paper and the manual processing of documents internally and externally. Our solutions integrate with Oracle Primavera Products, SharePoint and Web Centre Content and can also be integrated to non-Oracle platforms.

Unifier with Lifecycle AutoVue Integration 1

eTimeMachine Enterprise works hand-in-glove with Oracle’s Primavera EPPM to extend project management systems into the enterprise. By integrating its leading-edge resource, timesheets and work management functionality with Oracle’s Primavera solutions, eTimeMachine Enterprise creates cohesive enterprise environments that allow companies to manage resources , costs and performance across all projects, corporate activities (project and non-project), and functional business lines. eTimeMachine collects Enterprise Project Structure, Project hierarchies, resources and resource assignments from Oracle Primavera EPPM and places resource assignments in employee’s workspace, allowing employees to update progress and to enter actual time, then submit it for approval. Once approved it sends approved data back to Oracle Primavera EPPM. eTimeMachine is highly configurable and integrates with Oracle Primavera EPPM, ERP, Help Desk, MS Project and other systems in the enterprise.


Audit Trail for Oracle Primavera EPPM is a highly configurable monitoring tool that allows companies to track changes on specified business objects in Oracle Primavera EPPM with the required level of details. Organizations that rely on Oracle Primavera EPPM for their Project Management needs can continue to utilize full functionality of Oracle Primavera EPPM while fulfilling the requirement of the information to be completely trustworthy by adding benefits of a transactional and a fully auditable system. Audit Trail adds a new layer to your organizations’ project information by introducing a “Critical Changes” concept; it provides you with an advanced engine to define those elements within Oracle Primavera schedules that are the most critical from a change perspective.  Monitoring Critical Changes enables you to focus on what are the most important requirements for your organization letting you effectively utilize resources and allowing to execute timely management decisions. Audit Trail provides an indispensable source of data for a quickly growing number of business applications including, but not limited to Project Health Check, Critical Changes Monitoring, Regulatory and Business Compliance, Claims Prevention and Claims Resolution, License Use Monitoring, Business Intelligence Support, Risk Analysis Support, Knowledge Base and Best Practices Repository Support.


Oracle Primavera Software That We Deliver Certified Training for through Oracle University

Oracle UniversityAs the leader in Oracle Technology training, Oracle University offers extensive training to build the client’s knowledge with a unique curriculum created by the same developers who designed the technology itself. Very few organizations across the globe, if any, have had CMCS experience in offering training on Oracle Primavera solutions. Our team has been working with Primavera products since 1984 supporting more than 3,000 clients who represent the leaders in their industry. CMCS, Oracle University’s Approved Education Provider, was the first company ever to receive the Oracle University (OU) Award for Best Partner Performance Oracle Primavera FY2013.

Oracle Primavera Awards and Recognitions

  • 2014 Primavera Enterprise Partner Award JAPAC
  • 2013 Primavera GBU Outstanding Partner India
  • 2013 Oracle University Best Partner Performance
  • 2008 Primavera Top Performer New Licenses
  • 2008 Primavera PrimaClub
  • 2008 Primavera Four Million Dollar Club
  • 2007 Primavera Top Performer New Licenses
  • 2007 Primavera Three Million Dollar Club
  • 2007 Primavera Prima Club
  • 2007 Primavera Top Performer Total Revenue
  • 2006 Primavera Two Million Dollar Award
  • 2006 Primavera PrimaClub
  • 2006 Primavera Top Performer New Licenses
  • 2006 Primavera 20 Years of Support & Service
  • 2005 Primavera Million Dollar Club
  • 2005 Primavera PrimaClub
  • 2005 Primavera Top Performer EMEA
  • 2004 Primavera Million Dollar Club
  • 2004 Primavera President’s Club
  • 2003 Primavera Half Million-Dollar Club
  • 2003 Primavera Largest Expedition Sale
  • 2002 Primavera PAR of the Year EMEA
  • 2002 Primavera Largest Expedition Sale EMEA
  • 2002 Primavera Half-Million Dollar Club EMEA
  • 2001 Primavera Half-Million Dollar Club EMEA
  • 2001 Primavera Over-Achievement Award
  • 2000 Primavera Highest Annual Growth
  • 2000 Primavera Significant Expedition Achievement
  • 2000 Primavera Highest Annual Expedition Sales
  • 2000 Primavera Half Million-Dollar Club
  • 2000 Primavera Largest Expedition Sale
  • 2000 Primavera Expedition Over-Achievement
  • 2000 Primavera Highest Annual Growth
  • 1998 Primavera President’s Club
  • 1998 Primavera Half Million-Dollar Club
  • 1998 Primavera Largest Concentric Sale
  • 1998 Primavera Over Achievement Award
  • 1998 Primavera Highest Annual Growth
  • 1998 Primavera Significant Expedition Achievement
  • 1998 Primavera Largest Expedition Sale
  • 1998 Primavera Highest Expedition Sales
  • 1997 Primavera President’s Club
  • 1997 Primavera Half Million-Dollar Club
  • 1997 Primavera Highest Expedition Sale
  • 1996 Primavera 10-Year Milestone Award
  • 1996 Primavera President’s Club
  • 1996 Primavera Highest Expedition Sale
  • 1996 Primavera Significant Achievement Award
  • 1995 Primavera President’s Club
  • 1995 Primavera Significant Achievement Award
  • 1994 Primavera Top Expedition Sales
  • 1992 Primavera President’s Club

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DocuSign Signature Appliance: On-Prem Digital Signature Solution

Electronic signatures give you a competitive advantage, saving time and money on agreements and approval processes. The DocuSign Signature Appliance gives you the benefits of electronic signing, while helping you meet compliance requirements in highly regulated industries and markets. The DocuSign Signature Appliance gives you the choice to deploy from a hybrid cloud model or behind your firewall and seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and applications.

The trusted private and hybrid cloud signing solution
Be confident when your employees and users sign. The DocuSign Signature Appliance is the electronic signing solution of choice for organizations that need a private or hybrid cloud deployment. It has an industry-leading track record of success in regulated industries, such as life sciences, healthcare, government, energy, utilities and architecture, engineering, and construction.

Maximum security and enforceability
Built using industry-standard digital signature technology, the Signature Appliance meets widely accepted electronic signature standards worldwide. Deployed behind your firewall and integrated with the most popular ID management systems, including Active Directory, Signature Appliance signatures are tied to your signers’ corporate identities for strong verification.

Highest levels of compliance
Built for compliance, the DocuSign Signature Appliance uses the industry-standard Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) digital signature technology. The DocuSign Signature Appliance is a global solution that can be used to meet industry regulations in many regions around the world. Key security certifications include FIPS 140-2 Level 3, FIPS 201 PIV Standard and Common Criteria EAL4+, for compliance with government regulations in North America and the European Union (EU).

Transform your organization without disrupting it
The DocuSign Signature Appliance integrates with your existing systems, adding electronic signing while letting people continue to use the processes and tools they’ve come to rely on. Users can sign directly from their trusted authoring applications, and the resulting documents stay in their original file formats.

How does the Signature Appliance work?

Install the DocuSign Signature Appliance behind your firewall, and configure the system to work with your internal tools. The Signature Appliance can integrate with your company’s existing ID management system or use digital certificates issued and backed by the Certificate Authority of your choice. Users sign documents directly from the document authoring or management app of their choice or through the DocuSign Signature Appliance desktop, mobile, or web interfaces.

Open and authenticate
The signer opens a document and clicks the Signature Appliance signing option. A hash (a unique document ‘fingerprint’) is securely sent to the DocuSign Signature Appliance. The signer authenticates and is verified against the connected ID management system.

Generate the signature
The DocuSign Signature Appliance generates the signer’s signature based on the hash of the document, using the signer’s private key and digital certificate. The signature is then securely sent back to the signer’s authoring application.

Embed the signature
The digital signature is embedded in the document by the authoring application, creating a PKI-standard, electronically signed and sealed document. Any changes made to the document after signing are immediately detectable by any of thousands of PKI-enabled document readers.

Our Data Visualization Using Qlik Practice

Qlik LogoOur Data Visualization practice using Qlik is a solution that enables your organization executives and other user groups to make better and faster decisions when it comes to monitoring and controlling, and reporting the performance of their project investments and how those projects contribute to corporate’s strategy execution. Our solution is designed to capture, associate and blend data from multiple data sources that usually reside in different applications and visualize this data in different forms and formats to meet the reporting requirements of the multiple user groups and stakeholders. CMCS can also implement this practice using other data visualization software like Tableau, MS Power BI, iDashboards, Dundas, Datazen among others.

CMCS uses timeXtender to automate the data extraction, transfer and load process as well as to create an automated data warehouse. Data can be captured from different applications like PMWeb, Oracle Primavera P6, Oracle eBusiness, JD Edwards  among others running on MS SQL and Oracle databases.

TimeXtender democratizes access to corporate data enabling business users and liberating IT.  TimeXtender Data Warehouse Automation software TX DWA combines with Qlik to create an unrivaled, comprehensive, end-to-end solution for Qlik users. TX DWA helps companies tap into multiple data sources, extract relevant information, and place that information in a structured Discovery Hub, allowing users to access information quickly and easily, and get one version of the truth. Plugged in TimeXtender gives companies the power to fully engage their organization. With more than 2,600 customers and various partners worldwide, TimeXtender is a clear leader in Data Warehouse Automation.


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Our Deltek Acumen Solutions Practice

With the complexities inherent in today’s projects, teams still struggle to deliver projects successfully under the triple constraint of cost, time and scope. The fact is, without a sound schedule basis, projects fall victim to working a faulty plan guiding them toward an unsuccessful outcome. A sound schedule is the key to a successful project.

Deltek offers solutions for creating the soundest schedules possible for consistent execution success as well as solutions to proactively reduce project risk exposure and maximize completion confidence. Regardless if you are using Oracle Primavera P6, Deltek Open Plan, MS Project, Asta PowerProject or any other schedule tool, Deltek Acumen has the solution.

Deltek Acumen Fuse provides diagnostics and analytics to identify and correct common scheduling pitfalls and Deltek Acumen 360 offers options for schedule acceleration or getting a delayed project back on track. Through powerful, straightforward cost/schedule risk analytics, Deltek Risk offers the ability to track, identify and prepare for potential risks – before they impact the project.

Maximize project reliability with the combined power of a robust CPM scheduling tool and the best of class schedule analytics found in Deltek Schedule. Combine Deltek Schedule with Deltek’s Cost and Risk solutions for end-to-end program and project success.

Acumen Fuse: Project Diagnostics
Acumen Fuse is a schedule diagnostics tool that pinpoints and resolves shortcomings in a matter of minutes. No more time is wasted on manual validation techniques that take your project team away from their core project work.

Acumen Fuse: Project Diagnostics

Evaluate and Eliminate
Acumen Fuse integrates directly with all major scheduling tools including Primavera and MS Project, using metrics (industry-proven standards as well as user-defined) to validate project schedules and report not just where the issues lie but also how to fix them.

Analyze it All… in One Place

  • Check key schedule characteristics including logic, float, activity sequencing, appropriate level of detail, cost, risk and Earned Value all in a single diagnostics package.
  • Analyze single or multiple projects and programs together and even compare changes over time.
  • Summarize your detailed analysis using the Fuse Schedule Index™ – a single schedule quality indicator giving you the means of both scoring the quality of your project as well as comparing it with industry benchmarks for a more comprehensive level of project analysis.

Analyze it All… in One Place

Report and Publish
Fuse reporting is designed to be hierarchical so that it accommodates planners, schedulers and executive’s needs. You can drill down, slicing and dicing through multiple levels (e.g., Work Breakdown) or by any other code or user field to quickly pinpoint potential issues with your schedule. Conversely, summarize detailed results and publish to project dashboards, executive briefings and PowerPoint presentations, all at the click of a button.

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Acumen Fuse helps you see it all so you can develop and execute the soundest schedules possible with consistent success.

Deltek Acumen Risk – Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis tools don’t have to be complicated in order for them to provide true and accurate risk forecasts. Deltek offers Deltek Acumen Risk, a full-featured, easy-to-use cost and schedule risk analysis tool.

Deltek Acumen Risk

Acumen Risk: Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis
Acumen Risk is a Monte Carlo risk analysis tool combining true cost and schedule risk analysis against a native project plan together with identified risk events from a project risk register.

Clear. Accurate. User Friendly.
Accurately capturing risk scores and uncertainty ranges is arguably the weakest link in the road to accurate risk exposure forecasting. This challenge has been overcome using Acumen Risk’s Uncertainty Factor approach: a simple-to-use sliding scale that project teams can actually relate to. No more painful risk workshops trying to identify cost and schedule risk using complex, out-of-context statistical terminology.

Clear. Accurate. User Friendly.

Risk Analysis & Risk Register Combined
Combine this with the flexibility of the Acumen Risk risk register, capturing both current state and your targeted mitigated state, enabling you to analyze the cost-benefit of executing your planned mitigation steps. In short: determine the most cost and schedule effective risk response plans.

Cost & Schedule – Truly Integrated
Cost risk exposure doesn’t occur in isolation of schedule risk. Acumen Risk provides you an easy means of linking schedule risk to cost risk so that you can determine the impact of schedule delays on your project cost estimate.

Acumen Risk combines high fidelity risk analysis with an easy-to-use project-team oriented user interface – your perfect risk workshop, in a streamlined risk tool…

Deltek Acumen 360 – The only schedule acceleration and decision support solution for creating scenarios for faster project completion or recovery of project slips and delays.

Demands for faster, cheaper project completion are forever present. However, the task of accelerating a schedule to meet owner or contractually driven requirements is extremely difficult and time consuming. Deltek Acumen 360 helps make this acceleration a reality.

Acumen 360: Effortless Acceleration
Acumen 360 gives you the ability to accelerate time frames effortlessly in seconds.

Generate Scenarios… Automatically
Define your goal (e.g. accelerate my project by 30 days); and let Acumen 360 automatically generate alternate scenarios to achieve that goal. Or, for more manual control, use the interactive Acumen 360 acceleration sliders to specify which activities get targeted for scenario generation.

Generate Scenarios… Automatically

True Decision Support
Once Acumen 360 has generated multiple scenarios that achieve your goal, you can view the changes and make informed decisions as to which scenario makes the most economic sense. Then publish the updated schedule directly back to your preferred scheduling tool of choice.

True Decision Support

Recover Slips and Delays
But accelerating a planned project isn’t all Acumen 360 can do. It can also be used to get a delayed project back on track. Either way, it gives you more power and control over your schedule for the demands you face every day.

What used to take a professional weeks of manual schedule manipulation now takes only minutes with Acumen 360; accelerated and defendable schedules at your fingertips.

Our Clients

Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC)
Abu Dhabi Gas Industries (GASCO)
Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction (ADGAS)
Al Arrab Contracting
Al Jaber LEGT Engineering & Contracting (ALEC)
Al Shaffar General Contracting
Descon Integrated
Drake & Scull
Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA)
Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)
Essar Constructions Overseas
FAST Consortium (FCC, Samsung C&T, Alstom, Strukton, Freyssinet)
Fluor Arabia
GCMS Commercial Broker
GMCS Middle East
Habtoor Leighton Group (HLG)
Habtoor Leighton Murray & Roberts Joint Venture
Hill International, Inc.
ITD Cementation
Khafji Joint Operations (KJO)
Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation (KNPC)

LUKOIL Overseas Baltic
MERAAS Holding
Metro Tunneling Chennai Larsen & Tobrou (L&T) SUCG
Mirage Leisure & Development Inc.
National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC)
Nesma & Partners Contracting
Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)
PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC)
Qatar Gas Transport Company (NAKILAT)
Qatar Solar Technologies (QTSEC)
RAMPED (Louis Berger/ Hill International JV)
SADARA Chemical Co.
Saudi Arabian Basic Industries (SABIC)
Saudi Aramco
SIEMENS  – Energy Management
Sporle Consultancy Services
Systech International
The Louis Berger Group
Turner & Townsend

Our Building Information Modeling (BIM) Practice

CMCS has partnered with EcoDomus, Inc. to provide BIM-driven project management services that can be integrated with PMWeb, Oracle Primavera Unifier and Proliance.

Why EcoDomus is the Best Solution for this Project

  • EcoDomus has delivered more BIM for Owners projects than all other software companies in the world combined – Unique Experience
  • EcoDomus is working with the top clients in the world and is implementing best practices from the leading facility owners – Best Practices
  • EcoDomus PM/FM software has more BIM/FM/COBie features than any other software – Higher Quality of Data at Lower Cost

The EcoDomus Services Offering

  • Developing BIM Standards and Guidelines
  • Organization audit of design processes/standards
  • BIM readiness evaluation
  • BIM Management consultation, goal-setting, planning
  • BIM Implementation Cost and ROI assessment
  • BIM Implementation strategy
  • BIM modeling (with emphasis on FM-friendly models) and data cleaning
  • Laser Scanning to build BIM models

EcoDomus Solutions: Integrated Building Information Management

EcoDomus Solutions: Integrated Building Information Management

EcoDomus Solutions: Integrated Building Information Management

EcoDomus PM and FM Solutions Features

EcoDomus PM

EcoDomus PM (“Project Management”) is a versatile software solution dedicated to enabling the usage of Building Information Models (BIM) and Lean processes for new construction or renovation of existing buildings. EcoDomus PM helps collect and clean BIM data and supports project data management.

Figure 1 Sample Screenshot of EcoDomus PM Web Interface

Figure 1 Sample Screenshot of EcoDomus PM Web Interface

Manage Data Online

EcoDomus utilizes the latest Web 2.0 techniques to provide a collaborative environment where all participants can contribute to successful project performance from anywhere in the world via an online browser.

Benefits of BIM for Project Management

  • The information is collected once, and updated as changes happen allowing for turnover of accurate as-built data
  • Provides better information needed for building commissioning before the turnover
  • Allows for automated data Quality Control
  • Asset Documentation is stored in an integrated online database, allowing for easy access, editing, and handover of data
  • Data visualization helps in project decision making
Figure 3 EcoDomus Mobile on iPad Tablet PC

Figure 3 EcoDomus Mobile on iPad Tablet PC

Figure 2 Sample Screenshot of EcoDomus 3D Web Interface with Markup

Figure 2 Sample Screenshot of EcoDomus 3D Web Interface with Markup

EcoDomus FM

EcoDomus FM (“Facilities Management”) is a software application that provides for real-time integration of BIM with Building Automation Systems from Siemens, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, or others, and with FM software like IBM Maximo, FSI, Tririga, AssetWorks AiM, Accruent FAMIS, Archibus, Anacle CMMS, and others.

EcoDomus FM utilizes a 3D interface enabling interactive virtual preventive maintenance inspections, and quicker response to service requests.

Benefits of Using BIM for Facilities Management

Some of the major benefits to implementing BIM for Facilities Management include:

  • Facility managers are trained to use equipment in 3D before they see it “live”
  • Time and effort of finding related documents and information to perform work orders after completion of building is significantly reduced which will lead to greater overall cost saving
  • Response time is reduced during an Emergency Service Request improving Risk Management
  • Visualization of building systems allows for faster and more accurate tag-out/lock-out procedures
  • Integration with Building Automation Systems allowing greater visibility into energy efficiency by comparing “as built” energy simulation data vs. “as operated” data received from BAS
  • Visual inventory can be performed allowing greater insight into the location and condition of assets

Figure 4 EcoDomus FM screenshot: Data Center (chillers and server racks)

Figure 4 EcoDomus FM screenshot: Data Center (chillers and server racks)

EcoDomus Consulting Services

The founders of EcoDomus are the leading authorities on BIM, and have many years of experience providing BIM consulting services. EcoDomus and our partners can provide a full range of services, which can include:

  • Developing BIM Standards and Guidelines
  • Organization audit of design processes/standards
  • BIM readiness evaluation
  • Management consultation, goal-setting, planning
  • Cost and ROI assessment
  • Implementation strategy
  • BIM modeling (with emphasis on FM-friendly models) and data cleaning

About EcoDomus

EcoDomus, Inc. is a leading Lifecycle BIM software firm headquartered in San Francisco, with regional offices in Washington DC, Dallas, and Denver. Our focus is on BIM and Lean for the Lifecycle of Building Management. Many organizations use our applications for Capital Assets Data Management as well as to streamline processes and workflows.

Past Performance

  1. First BIM for FM Project in US – EcoDomus integrated BIM with FM software (FAMIS) and Building Automation System (Honeywell EBI) for the University of Southern California via EcoDomus FM software. This project was highlighted in the “Journal of BIM” (twice), Autodesk Case Study (2010), and various books (IFMA’s “BIM for Facility Managers”) and articles.
  2. First COBie Project in the World – Igor Starkov, co-founder of EcoDomus, provided and managed the software development of EcoDomus PM (formerly known as Tokmo) used to collect and validate BIM/COBie data for the Texas A&M Health Science Center Project, winning EcoDomus a CETI award from FIATECH (the leading construction technology association) for “Lifecycle Data Management and Information Integration”.
  3. First Large BIM Project in US – Mitch Boryslawski, co-founder of EcoDomus, served as the Design and Construction coordinator on behalf of Lucasfilm Ltd. for the $350M, 850,000 sf Letterman Digital Arts Center project in San Francisco, completed in 2005. Mitch led the BIM implementation of the project, ground breaking at the time, which started as visualization, then progressed to coordination, and finally to a data rich model as a BIM deliverable.
  4. First FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Lifecycle BIM Project. EcoDomus worked with Lockheed Martin on the proof-of-concept BIM project for the FAA. The existing Air Force base facilities were laser scanned, and modeled to BIM (Autodesk Revit and Bentley AECOsim), and the resulting BIM integrated with CAFM (ARCHIBUS), CMMS (TMA Systems), Building Automation System (Schneider Electric), EDMS (ProjectWise) and GIS (ESRI) using EcoDomus FM software.
  5. NASA BIM Handover Project – EcoDomus developed the BIM-to-FM Handover Implementation Guide for the NASA Langley Research Center and demonstrated integration of BIM with CMMS (IBM Maximo). EcoDomus is working on the second NASA project with Turner Construction, the largest General Contractor in the US.
  6. BIM to FM for Disney – EcoDomus developed the BIM-to-FM Handover Implementation Guide for Walt Disney Imagineering, and implemented the workflow at Disneyworld Orlando (Magic Kingdom).
  7. First GSA (U.S. General Services Administration) BIM Lifecycle Energy Performance Assessment Project – EcoDomus helped GSA develop best practices to track energy performance from design through operations by integrating BIM and Smart Building technologies using EcoDomus PM / FM software suite. The results of the project provide GSA with a way to assess sustainability and energy performance strategies and their overall impact, providing feedback on best practices for energy modeling during design. GSA’s facility managers also use EcoDomus Mobile application on iPad to track work orders and view BIMs.
  8. Kaiser Permanente’s Strategic BIM Roadmap – EcoDomus developed the Strategic BIM Roadmap for Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest healthcare organizations in US. The roadmap covers all areas of BIM-related information management: from early design through construction and handover to facilities management. The BIM Roadmap’s approach is implemented at Kaiser Oakland Medical Center – KP’s template hospital.
  9. GSA BIM for FM Guide – Igor Starkov contributed to the development of the GSA’s plan to leverage BIM technology and processes for the lifecycle of their facilities. Three out of five of the featured case studies about BIM and COBie were collaborations with EcoDomus.
  10. BIM for Airports – EcoDomus implements BIM for FM solution at Medina Airport in Saudi Arabia, working with TAV, the leading construction and services firm specializing in airports lifecycle operations. EcoDomus helped Massport (Boston Airport) in developing its BIM Guidelines and testing BIM workflows.
  11. BIM Guidelines for the State of Massachusetts (DCAMM), State of Alberta (Alberta Infrastructure), USAA, Architect of the Capitol (US House/Senate) – EcoDomus helped develop BIM guidelines for several large facility owners.
  12. First COBie for sport arenas project in the world – Daytona International Speedway is the home of “The Great American Race” – the DAYTONA 500 – the enormous 480-acre motorsports complex boasts the most diverse schedule of racing on the globe. The Daytona Rising project is using EcoDomus Mobile and EcoDomus PM to collect information, track the status of the equipment installation in the field, and later deliver the handover documentation to the facility owner.

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Our STO Practice Using iPlan3

CMCS and in collaboration with IAMTech have been a pioneer in improving asset efficiency through streamlining maintenance, operations and safety processes in the oil, gas and chemical markets for the last 15 years. We are proud of our contribution to the industry and our growing track record of excellence. Our products are proven to

  • Improve safety
  • Improve productivity
  • Counter the risk created by head count reduction
  • Significantly lower operating margins
  • Boost asset knowledge retention

It is our mission to modernize industrial asset management, and by adopting IAMTech’s products both oil & gas operators and service providers can counter the continuing market conditions driven by the soft oil price.

Maintenance KPI Dashboard

Our goals are closely aligned with those of responsive leaders from other industries, such as aviation, where we aim to enrich our products with our learning, improving safety and knowledge share for all of our customers and in turn raising the standard of the oil and gas industry!

Safety Management

IAMTech’s mobile apps;

  • Allocations
  • Permit
  • Monitor
  • Isolations

Counter the recent risk increase caused by head count reduction by enabling supervisors to spend more time on site managing their personnel, increasing safety & productivity through improved situational awareness.

In The Office, In The Field

IAMTech’s maintenance & operational software solutions:

  • iPlan STO/Maintain/Ultimate/iPlan4SAP/iPlan4Maximo
  • Integrity
  • Permit
  • Completions
  • Isolations
  • Pipeline

Enable increased efficiency, knowledge retention and increased margins as a basis to counter the margin squeeze from the softening oil price. Routine maintenance budgets should not spiral and Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages (STO) can be delivered on time, preventing hits to earnings caused by plant downtime.

Planning Dashboard

IAMTech’s risk solutions:

  • Risk
  • Asbestos
  • Safety
  • Thermal
  • Dispersion

Enable risk reduction and insurance premium reduction, helping readdress the risk scale imbalance caused by rapid head count reduction over the last 12 months.

Orbit Assessment Onshore

IAMTech’s products have been painstakingly refined through years of listening to our customer requirements to tackle industry-wide problems, for companies including Air Products, BP Chemicals, BP Exploration, Certas Energy, Chemoxy, Hertel, Huntsman, ICI, Ineos, Interserve, Jupiter Insurance, Kaefer, NesteOil, Oiltanking, Perenco, Petronas and Sembcorp.

Combining this first hand industry experience with our ever-growing partnerships with world-leading industrial organisations enables CMCS and IAMTech to understand the technology needs of oil, gas and chemical industry.

Who We Work With

Contact CMCS For Additional Details

Our Digital Signature Solution

CoSign Central is an enterprise grade turnkey solution which allows any number of ‎employees ‎to ‎sign ‎any ‎‎‎‎document within any business process within the company. It ‎includes the ‎highly ‎secured CoSign Central ‎appliance ‎‎‎‎(black ‎box) which is installed within the organisation’s own computing infrastructure, and provides the necessary digital signing services to all users, applications, and business processes across the organization.

The CoSign Client for Windows includes ‎desktop plug-in’s to MS ‎Office and ‎Adobe PDF. ‎Alternatively, you can install internally the CoSign Web Application to allow users to sign documents ‎from any device without having to install any software. You can also use the CoSign Mobile native apps (iOS/Android) to sign documents “on the go”.

CoSign digital signatures are 100% compliant with the PKI standard, which is the only signature standard published, maintained and accepted by the US Federal Government, EU Governments, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), and independent bodies such as ISO, OASIS, IETF, W3C, etc.

The vast majority of the world’s countries already enacted laws which address Digital Signature related issues, based on the guidelines and models published by UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law). CoSign creates legally enforceable digital signatures in accordance with all legislations modeled on UNCITAL.

CoSign is a certified standard solution, and offers enterprise grade hardware features such as High Availability and Load Balancing options.

CoSign Architecture

Key practical benefits

    • Digital Signatures infrastructure which is sufficiently secured to be trusted, and, together with appropriate standard operating procedures, can meet any regulatory requirement for document signing, worldwide.
    • Compatibility with all/any “PKI-aware” system such as MS Office, Adobe PDF, AutoCAD, etc.
    • CoSign Signatures can be fully verified and validated by any external party without having to connect to the CoSign appliance or use any CoSign service.
    • Guaranteed privacy – the entire signing process is accomplished internally, content is never exposed to any 3rd party. Even if deployed in the Cloud, the document content itself is never transmitted or exposed; only the document “fingerprint” is sent to the CoSign Central Appliance.
    • Low risk, no vendor tie-in. The signatures produced by CoSign are valid and verifiable even in the event CoSign is no longer used within the organization.

User management & authentication options

    • Automatic synchronization with Active Directory (or any LDAP).
    • Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and claims-based authentication using SAML tokens.
    • Directory independent mode:
        • Manual user management using CoSign Admin Client for Windows.
        • Bulk upload / manual sync with external SQL user directories.
        • Programmatically using CoSign API.
    • Support for 2-Factor Authentication 3rd party products, such as One-Time-Password (OTP), Biometric and Smartcard/USB Token authentication products (RSA, Vasco, SafeNet, VeriSign VIP, Cidway, Digital Persona, Saflink).
    • Support for one-time external signers authenticated by email and one-time SMS tokens.


CoSign Central runs internal Certification Authority (CA) software. In most cases, the CoSign secured appliance acts as the internal CA of the organization, issuing (and automatically renewing) end-user certificates.

As a turnkey solution, CoSign is inclusive of all the components and infrastructure required to implement digital signing:

    • CoSign securely (and automatically) generates the Private/Public key pair for each user, and stores these keys in its encrypted internal database. The keys are non-extractable. CoSign is certified to provide the same key protection level as found in smartcards.
    • CoSign issues X509 Digital Certificate for each user, and its internal CA signs these certificates as per the PKI standard. The user certificates are also stored securely within the CoSign appliance.
    • The Root Certificate of CoSign internal CA can be extracted and published on CoSign Nation (https://cn.arx.com) and made available to external parties to download so they can automatically trust any signature generated by any of the organizations’ CoSign users.

CoSign can also work with externally issued certificates, instead of using its own internal CA. CoSign provide interfaces for commercial CAs such as Comodo, Quovadis, or operate as a sub-ordinate internal CA under the root of GlobalSign, and Netrust.

Signing options

    • CoSign Windows Client: Provides add-ins to MS Office and Adobe PDF; allows the conversion of any “Print” stream to signed PDF; supports any PKI-Aware application (Outlook, AutoCAD, BlueBeam, etc).
    • CoSign Web Application: Web interface for signing of documents stored on the local device or in the Cloud (GDrive, SkyDrive, Dropbox, Box, etc). Automatically converts Office documents to PDF. Supports both standard desktops (Win, Mac, Linux) and mobile-touch interfaces (iOS, Android).
    • CoSign Mobile: Native mobile apps for iOS and Android.
    • CoSign Connector for SharePoint: Embeds options for signing Office documents, PDF documents, SP Lists Items, and InfoPath Forms, within the SP web interface. Supports workflows developed in SP Designer, Nintex, K2, and Visual Studio.
    • CoSign BatchSign Application: A Windows Service application designed for batch signing of large volumes of documents in un-attended batch jobs. Supports PDF, TIF, or XML file formats.
    • CoSign Click Application: Designed to operate within the organization own DMZ to manage one-time external signers who are not registered in the organisation’s internal User Directory. Authentication via email + one-time SMS token.

Integration options

    • CoSign Web Agent (CWA) is a REST API technology which allows seamless integration of the CoSign Web Application with any web portal, using simple HTTPS POST standard. The whole user experience of the CoSign Web Application can be integrated rapidly within any portal. CWA supports both standard desktops (Win, Mac, Linux) and mobile-touch interfaces (iOS, Android).
    • CoSign Signature API (SAPI) API for programmatically Signing/Verifying PDF, Word, Excel, TIF, XML, or any data buffer (available in .NET and SOAP/WebServices, and SAP/Abap).

Connectors to Document Management and Workflow Systems

CoSign offers 3rd party connectors to the following document management and workflow systems. These connectors integrate the CoSign functionality within their respective web interfaces and also allow embedding of signing activities within their workflow design patterns.

    • OpenText Content Server
    • Oracle WebCenter Content
    • Siemens TeamCenter
    • Alfresco
    • Documentum

Contact CMCS For Additional Details

Our Asta Powerproject BIM Practice


Asta Powerproject BIM brings 4D planning within affordable reach by combining 3D models with scheduling tools.

This new version of Asta Powerproject incorporates BIM features that enable 4D planning, drive greater collaboration, and deliver communication, time and efficiency benefits. It enables users to link project plans and 3D models in a single application and share information between applications using the IFC4 data format.

In addition to project schedules done in Asta Powerproject, the solution can read project schedules done in Oracle Primavera P6 and MS Project.

Asta Powerproject BIM extends the functionality of Asta Powerproject enabling you to create a flexible, 4D-enabled planning platform that can use the Elecosoft BIMCloud to share information.


  • Quickly create your project plan directly from your IFC model file by:
    • Dragging and dropping objects between the 3D view and Gantt chart
    • Using structured templates with predefined searches to automatically link to the IFC model objects
    • Splitting 3D elements to allow linking to separate sub-tasks
  • Compare `planned' and `actual' schedule plans with full 3D visual impact
  • Create and play a time-line of your project linked to milestones and baselines to simulate subsections or whole projects
  • Manage large projects with the ability to save snapshot positions to enable quick navigation
  • Save images to standard graphical formats to use for reporting or site recording of project status
  • Use full property controls for visual impact and ability to hide and view objects
  • Manage your 4D planning at an affordable cost
  • Import costs from estimating applications, including Bidcon
  • Plus, it's ideal for tendering and progress monitoring in 3D
Download the Asta Powerproject BIM Brochure

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Our Real-Time Walkthrough Services

What is Virtual Walkthrough?
Imagine being able to walk through a design and experience its circulation, evaluate special qualities and proposed materials. And imagine doing that with highest level of realism like in the best quality V ray rendered image – Real Time Walkthrough is application that allows you exactly that.

Representation of your design is only a small fraction of effort that you must undertake to design a building and often rendering images are only tool. Virtual Walkthrough goes far above that, experiencing architecture is never static (3D images) it always goes through time which is why it is important to have lifelike animated presentations.

How Does it Enhance the Decision Making Process?
Clients have difficulties to understand drawings and even rendered images are not good enough. That problem multiplies on large scale and sophisticated projects. The best way for client and architect to be confident about every design decision that they take is to actually have ability to virtually experience design. You will be able to see consequences of every design decision that you take in a computer generated virtual mockup.

What are the Benefits of Using Virtual Walkthrough?

  • Enhance understanding of overall design
  • Facilitate decision making process
  • Detect and make changes in early stage
  • Improve Review & Approval cycles
  • Enhance marketing and promotion of the project
  • Better control over Design/Construction
  • Better Coordination and Collaboration

Build a Closer Relationship with your Clients
Virtual Walk Through is a highly personal service that takes communication with client to a much higher level and establishes trust. It also brings acknowledgment from client side for providing exceptional service.

Main effort of engineering and consultancy services is unfortunately not very tangible and hence often not appreciated enough. On the other hand, service that we offer is highly personally oriented and includes improved interaction with the client.

Our Clients:

  • Architects
  • Real-estate Developers
  • Public Sector
  • General Contractors
  • Interior Designers
  • Homeowners

Interacting Possibilities
Virtual Walk‐Through offers unique ability to easily change materials, open door, turn on/off TV, move elevator or escalator stairs….and many other interaction options that brings lifelike experience and improves level of realism.

Differences Between Walkthrough/Architectural Animations?
It is important to distinguish this service from usual Architectural Animations, we go far above that.

Navigation Free to go in all directions Goes only along determined path
Quality of photorealism Exceptionally photorealistic with all details Animations appear crude and lifeless
Interaction Yes – Change materials, Lights…etc. No
Architectural Animation Included Included

Easy to Use and Navigate
For all users (Clients and Architects) there is no training or software installation required. You just need to open application with double‐click and navigate through similar like in video games.

2016-01-13 (3)


Marketing and Project Promotion Potential
There is a huge potential for applying this technology for marketing and project promotion purposes; Developers and Real estate companies can use to sell their apartments, hospitality industry for presenting hotel projects to tour‐operator, also for private villas, hospital functionality application and many other.

Easy to Share Model ‐ No Licensing Required
Once a model is completed it can be easily shared with all the parties involved in project no licensing is required. All parties: Client, Architect, Lead Consultant, Lighting Consultant, Project Manager, Contractors, Authorities….etc. can have their copy of updated model which will facilitate team coordination.

Construction Stage
In construction stage it is essential that the Contractor understands Client/Engineer design intentions. It is possible to prepare Final Walkthrough Model as an integral part of tender documents. This will guarantee successful execution of work especially for Fit‐Out Projects.