Enhance the Efficiency of Your Construction Site

Litum IoT provides location based industrial solutions optimized for demanding construction and industrial environments. Litum solutions help you reduce operational costs, maximize asset ROI, improve personnel management and workflow, and maintain a safer facility. Construction Sites, Mines, Manufacturing Facilities, Airports, and more can all benefit from Litum technology.

Litum IoT products combine Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) with Ultra-Wideband radio technology (UWB) to take full advantage of the burgeoning capability of the Internet of Things (IoT). Litum solutions are designed to make every day working assets – including personnel, equipment, and tools – “smarter” and more positively impactful to your business operations.


Workplace Safety

  • Report personnel inside and outside the building structure, in each level and zone.
  • Instantly identify and locate missing persons – thereby reduce emergency response time and improve performance
  • Prevent collisions between vehicles and other assets with proximity detection and alerts
  • Locate and maintain first‐aid kits, firefighting tools, and other emergency equipment
  • Maintain a constant line of safety with built-in panic buttons on each personnel tag
  • Get immediately notified in the event of prolonged personnel inactivity
  • Enforce worker skill levels to eliminate unauthorized access to specific vehicles and area

Total Asset Visibility

  • Instantly locate any mobile asset or other equipment
  • Produce utilization reports based on multiple variables (time, area, team, etc.)
  • Create “geofences” that put predefined boundaries on assets transport
  • Monitor the maintenance status of assets to streamline repair processes

Environmental Monitoring

  • Monitor environment temperature and humidity to ensure optimal working conditions and production
  • Automatically activate auxiliary devices such as fans and ventilators
  • Monitor hazardous gas levels (CO, H2S, NO, O2, CO2) and receive automated alerts

Production Tracking

  • Enjoy real-time transparency in materials flow, including cycle times, trips, and filled buckets
  • Monitor KPI’s and key production statistics
  • Improve equipment maintenance and reduce downtime between repairs
  • Optimize production estimations
  • Quickly understand and resolve problems related to production
  • Automate scales, weighing, loading and unloading stations when needed

Vehicle Monitoring & Signalization

  • Continuously monitor status, location, and usage of vehicles at the construction site
  • Control access, signalization, and the entirety of traffic infrastructure
  • Create virtual zones, gates, and boundaries that control inbound and outbound traffic
  • Ensure all assets in vehicular inventory are accounted for

Compliance Management

  • Ensure regulatory compliance through constant validation of consistency of resources provided
  • Automate checklists and audits with a real-time monitoring system
  • Maintain and monitor your inventory of compliance-mandated equipment