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Oracle Primavera Focused exclusively on helping project-intensive businesses manage their entire project portfolio lifecycle, for projects of all sizes. It is estimated that projects with a total value of over $6 trillion have been managed with Primavera products.

Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) is the world leader when it comes to portfolio project management. Oracle's Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management is the most powerful, robust, and easy-to-use solution for prioritizing, planning, managing, and executing global projects, programs, and portfolios. Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management is an integrated project portfolio management (PPM) solution comprising role-specific functionality to satisfy each team member's needs, responsibilities, and skills. It provides a single solution for managing projects of any size, adapts to various levels of complexities within a project, and intelligently scales to meet the needs of diverse roles, functions, or skill levels in your organization and within your project team.

P6 Progress Reporter is a Web-based project communication and timekeeping system. As a team-level tool for project participants, it helps project participants focus on the work at hand with a simple cross-project to-do list of their upcoming assignments. Project team members can record time worked and enter information about their project assignments. Regardless of location, team members can communicate timesheet and activity status directly to their managers. Because all project participants can use P6 Progress Reporter to enter up-to-the-minute information about their assignments and to record the time they spent working on each one, project managers can make crucial project decisions with the confidence that only comes from having the most current information possible. Timesheet review and approval takes place directly from within P6.

Primavera Contract Management (PCM) keeps construction projects on schedule and on budget through complete project control. It manages documents, supervises job costs and is a field controls solution. Construction project management involves groups of people representing different disciplines, from project managers, contract managers, and division managers to subcontractors, architects, engineers, suppliers, and owners—all trying to collaborate on a multitude of issues and changes while juggling multiple documents and contracts. Controlling your construction project's plan, budget, forecast costs, and deliverables is vital to the success of your project and the future of your business.

Primavera Risk Analysis (PRA) is a full lifecycle risk analysis solution that integrates costs and schedules risk management. Primavera Risk Analysis provides a comprehensive means of determining confidence levels for project success together with quick and easy techniques for determining contingency and risk response plans. You'll be taught to have an objective view of required contingencies that account for cost and schedule uncertainty as well as analyzing the cost effectiveness of risk response plans. Combined, these form the basis of a 'risk adjusted schedule,' which today is becoming the norm within the planning and scheduling process.

Primavera P6 Analytics is a packaged business intelligence solution that provides valuable insights into your Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management project portfolio performance so you can uncover trends, discover root cause of issues and forecast costs, helping you to drive efficiencies in your project processes by making better decisions about your projects. Built on top of the Oracle Business Intelligence platform (Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus), Primavera P6 Analytics comes packaged with a new updated version of the Primavera P6 Reporting Database. All of the data loading, data mapping, data models and dashboard reports you will need to start gaining unprecedented visibility into your Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management projects and portfolios is included..

Oracle AutoVue Enterprise Visualization is a suite of Oracle products designed to deliver a web-based capability to access, view, digitally annotate and collaborate on technical and business documents, without requiring investment in specialized computer-aided design (CAD) tools. By making the right documents available to the right resources at the right time, AutoVue can improve decision making and drive process improvements in customer’s engineering and document intensive workflows, such as design reviews and approvals, asset management, and maintenance operations to name a few.

Oracle Primavera Unifier provides a best-in-class cloud-based solution for managing projects and facilities of any size in every vertical market. It combines rich cost management and control, document management, schedule and resource management, fund management and more with robust market-leading business process automation capabilities tailored specifically for enterprise-grade control of capital programs. Unifier also includes facilities and real estate functionalities such as work orders, leases, space management and more to complete the facility lifecycle. Unifier's platform optimizes and integrates critical business processes, data and documents across the organization. Its intuitive user interface can be tailored to your business to increase adoption, minimize training, and ultimately deliver rapid time-to-value.

  • Primavera Unifier Project Controls provide superior visibility and control of all prospective and on-going projects. Automate, track, and manage budgets, commitments, spends, and forecasts, as well as all business processes within the organization and across the supply chain, including design coordination, field engineering, construction administration and more. Develop multiple capital planning scenarios, include both top-down and bottom-up cash flow models, and approve portfolios for execution.
  • Primavera Facilities Management provides a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use solution to plan, manage and maintain smooth operation of your facilities. From defining and tracking building spaces to performing facility inspections, the solution provides a flexible toolset that can adapt to customer-specific needs. Primavera Facilities Management is part of the integrated Primavera Unifier offering.
  • Primavera Real Estate Management provides comprehensive tools for planning, tracking, and managing your real estate portfolio. Make strategic decisions effectively and accurately for leased and owned properties. Rules and compliance requirements are kept up to date for easy lease management. Primavera Real Estate Management is part of the integrated Primavera Unifier offering.

Oracle's Instantis EnterpriseTrack is the leading, cloud-optimized project portfolio management (PPM) software used by business process leaders to improve financial performance and achieve operational excellence. It provides an end-to-end solution for managing, tracking, and reporting on enterprise strategies, processes, projects, programs, portfolios, products, resources, costs, and benefits. As a result, Instantis EnterpriseTrack is the choice of the most iconic and successful enterprise practitioners of Lean Six Sigma.

Oracle Primavera Instantis EnterpriseTrack features includes:

  • Flexible dashboard and reporting solutions
  • Collaboration and social networking capabilities
  • Integrated strategy and process portfolio management
  • Automated idea capture
  • Innovative and visionary user interface
  • Secure, scalable, and highly configurable
  • Fully internationalized
  • On-premises and cloud deployment options
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Oracle Primavera