Oracle University Certified Primavera Courses

Oracle UniversityAs the leader in Oracle Technology training, Oracle University offers extensive training to build the client’s knowledge with a unique curriculum created by the same developers who designed the technology itself. CMCS is Oracle University’s Approved Education Provider and offers Oracle Primavera related trainings and services. CMCS was the first company ever to receive the Oracle University (OU) Award for Best Partner Performance Oracle Primavera FY2013.

P715 Oracle Primavera P6 Fundamentals Release 15 (EPPM – Web Server)

P716 Oracle Primavera P6 Advanced Release 8.3 (EPPM-Web Server)

P717 Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Fundamentals Release 15 (PPM-Client Server)

P718 Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Advanced Release 15 (PPM-Client Server)

P501 Managing Risk in Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis 8.6 Ed. 1 with Hands-on Workshop

CMCS Oracle Primavera Trainers

CMCS prides itself with the quality of their Oracle Primavera trainers. Today CMCS has more than 30 Oracle Primavera trainers located across CMCS offices in the GCC, Middle East, North Africa and India. The majority of which are Project Management Professional (PMP) certified and many others are certified as Project Management Institute Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP), Risk Management Professional (RMP), Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP) and Earned Value Professional (EVP).

Our professional trainers can deliver Oracle Primavera training in multiple languages including English, Arabic, French and others. CMCS can customize and deliver Oracle University Primavera training to meet the Client’s own requirements as it relate to the type of projects, project life cycle, reporting, terminology and roles of those who will be using the Oracle Primavera Software.

CMCS Oracle Primavera Track RecordOracle Primavera

Very few organizations across the globe, if any, have had CMCS experience in offering Oracle Primavera solutions. Our team has been working with Primavera products since 1984 supporting more than 2,500 clients who represent the leaders in their industry. CMCS has earned 49 Primavera awards and recognitions for excellent performance including the one and only Four Million Dollar Club in 2008. CMCS offers one-stop Oracle Primavera solutions that covers licenses, training, professional services including implementation, and integration with third party products. CMCS is an Oracle Platinum Partner and certified Oracle University education provider. CMCS has offered Oracle Primavera professional services in more than 30 countries in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.

Oracle Accreditations and Recognitions

Oracle Platinum PartnerCMCS’ relation with Oracle Primavera is unmatched. Since 1984, CMCS has received 52 awards for their performance and achievements including the first ever Primavera Four Million Dollar Club award back in 2008. CMCS, a Platinum Oracle Partner, is a specialized Oracle Primavera EPPM P6 8.2 and PCM 14 partner. CMCS has also achieved Oracle Specialization in Engineering & Construction, Oil & Gas Industries and Public Sector.

Oracle Primavera Awards and Recognitions

2014 Primavera Enterprise Partner Award JAPAC
2013 Primavera GBU Outstanding Partner India
2013 Oracle University Best Partner Performance
2008 Primavera Top Performer New Licenses
2008 Primavera PrimaClub
2008 Primavera Four Million Dollar Club
2007 Primavera Top Performer New Licenses
2007 Primavera Three Million Dollar Club
2007 Primavera Prima Club
2007 Primavera Top Performer Total Revenue
2006 Primavera Two Million Dollar Award
2006 Primavera PrimaClub
2006 Primavera Top Performer New Licenses
2006 Primavera 20 Years of Support & Service
2005 Primavera Million Dollar Club
2005 Primavera PrimaClub
2005 Primavera Top Performer EMEA
2004 Primavera Million Dollar Club
2004 Primavera President’s Club
2003 Primavera Half Million-Dollar Club
2003 Primavera Largest Expedition Sale
2002 Primavera PAR of the Year EMEA
2002 Primavera Largest Expedition Sale EMEA
2002 Primavera Half-Million Dollar Club EMEA
2001 Primavera Half-Million Dollar Club EMEA
2001 Primavera Over-Achievement Award

2000 Primavera Highest Annual Growth
2000 Primavera Significant Expedition Achievement
2000 Primavera Highest Annual Expedition Sales
2000 Primavera Half Million-Dollar Club
2000 Primavera Largest Expedition Sale
2000 Primavera Expedition Over-Achievement
2000 Primavera Highest Annual Growth
1998 Primavera President’s Club
1998 Primavera Half Million-Dollar Club
1998 Primavera Largest Concentric Sale
1998 Primavera Over Achievement Award
1998 Primavera Highest Annual Growth
1998 Primavera Significant Expedition Achievement
1998 Primavera Largest Expedition Sale
1998 Primavera Highest Expedition Sales
1997 Primavera President’s Club
1997 Primavera Half Million-Dollar Club
1997 Primavera Highest Expedition Sale
1996 Primavera 10-Year Milestone Award
1996 Primavera President’s Club
1996 Primavera Highest Expedition Sale
1996 Primavera Significant Achievement Award
1995 Primavera President’s Club
1995 Primavera Significant Achievement Award
1994 Primavera Top Expedition Sales
1992 Primavera President’s Club