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With the complexities inherent in today’s projects, teams still struggle to deliver projects successfully under the triple constraint of cost, time and scope. The fact is, without a sound schedule basis, projects fall victim to working a faulty plan guiding them toward an unsuccessful outcome. A sound schedule is the key to a successful project.

Deltek offers solutions for creating the soundest schedules possible for consistent execution success as well as solutions to proactively reduce project risk exposure and maximize completion confidence. Regardless if you are using Oracle Primavera P6, Deltek Open Plan, MS Project, Asta PowerProject or any other schedule tool, Deltek Acumen has the solution.

Deltek Acumen Fuse provides diagnostics and analytics to identify and correct common scheduling pitfalls and Deltek Acumen 360 offers options for schedule acceleration or getting a delayed project back on track. Through powerful, straightforward cost/schedule risk analytics, Deltek Risk offers the ability to track, identify and prepare for potential risks – before they impact the project.

Maximize project reliability with the combined power of a robust CPM scheduling tool and the best of class schedule analytics found in Deltek Schedule. Combine Deltek Schedule with Deltek’s Cost and Risk solutions for end-to-end program and project success.

Acumen Fuse: Project Diagnostics
Acumen Fuse is a schedule diagnostics tool that pinpoints and resolves shortcomings in a matter of minutes. No more time is wasted on manual validation techniques that take your project team away from their core project work.

Acumen Fuse: Project Diagnostics

Evaluate and Eliminate
Acumen Fuse integrates directly with all major scheduling tools including Primavera and MS Project, using metrics (industry-proven standards as well as user-defined) to validate project schedules and report not just where the issues lie but also how to fix them.

Analyze it All… in One Place

  • Check key schedule characteristics including logic, float, activity sequencing, appropriate level of detail, cost, risk and Earned Value all in a single diagnostics package.
  • Analyze single or multiple projects and programs together and even compare changes over time.
  • Summarize your detailed analysis using the Fuse Schedule Index™ – a single schedule quality indicator giving you the means of both scoring the quality of your project as well as comparing it with industry benchmarks for a more comprehensive level of project analysis.

Analyze it All… in One Place

Report and Publish
Fuse reporting is designed to be hierarchical so that it accommodates planners, schedulers and executive’s needs. You can drill down, slicing and dicing through multiple levels (e.g., Work Breakdown) or by any other code or user field to quickly pinpoint potential issues with your schedule. Conversely, summarize detailed results and publish to project dashboards, executive briefings and PowerPoint presentations, all at the click of a button.

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Acumen Fuse helps you see it all so you can develop and execute the soundest schedules possible with consistent success.

Deltek Acumen Risk – Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis tools don’t have to be complicated in order for them to provide true and accurate risk forecasts. Deltek offers Deltek Acumen Risk, a full-featured, easy-to-use cost and schedule risk analysis tool.

Deltek Acumen Risk

Acumen Risk: Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis
Acumen Risk is a Monte Carlo risk analysis tool combining true cost and schedule risk analysis against a native project plan together with identified risk events from a project risk register.

Clear. Accurate. User Friendly.
Accurately capturing risk scores and uncertainty ranges is arguably the weakest link in the road to accurate risk exposure forecasting. This challenge has been overcome using Acumen Risk’s Uncertainty Factor approach: a simple-to-use sliding scale that project teams can actually relate to. No more painful risk workshops trying to identify cost and schedule risk using complex, out-of-context statistical terminology.

Clear. Accurate. User Friendly.

Risk Analysis & Risk Register Combined
Combine this with the flexibility of the Acumen Risk risk register, capturing both current state and your targeted mitigated state, enabling you to analyze the cost-benefit of executing your planned mitigation steps. In short: determine the most cost and schedule effective risk response plans.

Cost & Schedule – Truly Integrated
Cost risk exposure doesn’t occur in isolation of schedule risk. Acumen Risk provides you an easy means of linking schedule risk to cost risk so that you can determine the impact of schedule delays on your project cost estimate.

Acumen Risk combines high fidelity risk analysis with an easy-to-use project-team oriented user interface – your perfect risk workshop, in a streamlined risk tool…

Deltek Acumen 360 – The only schedule acceleration and decision support solution for creating scenarios for faster project completion or recovery of project slips and delays.

Demands for faster, cheaper project completion are forever present. However, the task of accelerating a schedule to meet owner or contractually driven requirements is extremely difficult and time consuming. Deltek Acumen 360 helps make this acceleration a reality.

Acumen 360: Effortless Acceleration
Acumen 360 gives you the ability to accelerate time frames effortlessly in seconds.

Generate Scenarios… Automatically
Define your goal (e.g. accelerate my project by 30 days); and let Acumen 360 automatically generate alternate scenarios to achieve that goal. Or, for more manual control, use the interactive Acumen 360 acceleration sliders to specify which activities get targeted for scenario generation.

Generate Scenarios… Automatically

True Decision Support
Once Acumen 360 has generated multiple scenarios that achieve your goal, you can view the changes and make informed decisions as to which scenario makes the most economic sense. Then publish the updated schedule directly back to your preferred scheduling tool of choice.

True Decision Support

Recover Slips and Delays
But accelerating a planned project isn’t all Acumen 360 can do. It can also be used to get a delayed project back on track. Either way, it gives you more power and control over your schedule for the demands you face every day.

What used to take a professional weeks of manual schedule manipulation now takes only minutes with Acumen 360; accelerated and defendable schedules at your fingertips.

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Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC)
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Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction (ADGAS)
Al Arrab Contracting
Al Jaber LEGT Engineering & Contracting (ALEC)
Al Shaffar General Contracting
Descon Integrated
Drake & Scull
Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA)
Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)
Essar Constructions Overseas
FAST Consortium (FCC, Samsung C&T, Alstom, Strukton, Freyssinet)
Fluor Arabia
GCMS Commercial Broker
GMCS Middle East
Habtoor Leighton Group (HLG)
Habtoor Leighton Murray & Roberts Joint Venture
Hill International, Inc.
ITD Cementation
Khafji Joint Operations (KJO)
Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation (KNPC)

LUKOIL Overseas Baltic
MERAAS Holding
Metro Tunneling Chennai Larsen & Tobrou (L&T) SUCG
Mirage Leisure & Development Inc.
National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC)
Nesma & Partners Contracting
Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)
PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC)
Qatar Gas Transport Company (NAKILAT)
Qatar Solar Technologies (QTSEC)
RAMPED (Louis Berger/ Hill International JV)
SADARA Chemical Co.
Saudi Arabian Basic Industries (SABIC)
Saudi Aramco
SIEMENS  – Energy Management
Sporle Consultancy Services
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