PCE01 Project Cost Estimation in CostOs 4.0 (Basic Level)

This course provides in-depth project Cost Estimation training in CostOs three days for Basic. Topics include updating estimation methodologies, importing and exporting project data between Ms Office and CostOs, top-down and Down – Top Estimation, and Integrating P6 with CostOs.

Students also will learn to leverage best practices to create a project using methodologies.

Learning Outcome

  • An overview to Project Cost Estimation,
  • Create project(s) in CostOs 4.0,
  • Import / Generate project BOQ Items in CostOs 4.0,
  • Generate your own local Cost Database,
  • Assign Resources to the BOQ Items,
  • Estimate the Cost of projects and observe variations,
  • View CostOs 4.0 data in other applications,
  • Prepare Reports in various forms,

Who Should Attend

This course targets Project Managers, Project Cost Estimators, Project Engineers, Project Owners, Project Investors, Project Consultants and others interested in managing projects successfully or willing to contribute to project success.

In What Industries

EPC projects, Oil & Gas Upstream, Mid Stream and Down Stream, Petrochemical, Power plants and energy sector, even onshore and offshore. 


Suggested Prerequisites

  • Basic project Cost Estimation knowledge
  • Project Work Breakdown Structure

Course Outline

  • Define Oil & Gas Project Characteristics
  • Stages of Project Cost Estimation
  • AACE definition on levels of estimation
  • Estimation Techniques
  • Capacity Factored Estimate
  • Parametric Estimate
  • Resource Allocation Estimate
  • Analogy Estimate
  • Combinatory Estimate
  • Project Cost Simulation
    • Estimation Types:
  • Top-Down Estimate
  • Down-Top Estimate
    • Introducing CostOs 4.0
    • Creating a Project with CostOs 4.0
  • Project Template
  • Project Layout
  • Project EPS
  • Project Types
  • Project Estimation Currency
  • Project General Expenses
  • Project Cost Visualization
  • Projects BOQ Items
    • CostOs 4.0 Local Resource Database
  • Assemblies
  • Line Items
  • Equipment
  • Subcontractors
  • Labors
  • Suppliers & Material
  • Material
  • Consumables
    • CostOs 4.0 Group Codes
  • Single Grouping
  • Multiple Grouping
    • Importing and Exporting Data
  • Export and Import from to Excel
  • Creating Database
    • Labor Resource Calculation Types:
  • Fixed Duration
  • Fixed Productivity
    • Adding BOQ Items
  • Blank
  • Import from Excel
  • Adding from Local Resource database
  • Adding from Online Database
  • BIM
  • Onscreen Takeoff
  • World map take off
    • Resource Allocation to BOQ Items
  • From Local Database
  • From Online Database
    • Reporting
    • Summarizing the Course