Essential Personal Skills for the Project Management Team

The Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Competency Development (PMCD) framework has identified a number of personal competencies that project management professionals should acquire in addition to the knowledge areas of the project management body of knowledge. Those competencies include Achievement and Action, Helping and Human Service, Impact and Influence, Managerial, Cognitive and Personal Effectiveness.

The Essential Personal Skills for the Project Management Team program launched by CMCS includes a number of courses that covers the personal skills identified by the PMCD framework and more. The program is comprehensive and includes topics on:

PS-01      Project Leadership Skills For Better Project Results, 2 days
PS-02      The Leadership Challenges for Project Leaders, 3 days
PS-03      Managing Virtual Teams, 1 day
PS-04      Motivating Project Teams, 1 day
PS-05      Project Team Building, 2 days
PS-06      Cross-functional team management, 1 day
PS-07      The ability to manage global teams, 2 days
PS-08      Organizational Change Management, 2 days
PS-09      Coaching For Better Project Results, 1 day
PS-10      Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers, 3 days
PS-11      Project management Interpersonal Communication Skills, 2 days
PS-12      Communication with Competence and Confidence, 1 day
PS-13      Managing & Dealing with Different Types of Stakeholders, 2 days
PS-14      The Persuasive Project Manager, 2 days
PS-15      Negotiation Skills for Project Managers: Turn No to Yes, 2 days
PS-16      Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making, 1 day
PS-17      Conflict Management Skills for Project Managers, 1 day
PS-18      Stress Management Techniques for Project Managers, 1 day
PS-19      Managing Workplace Diversity, 1 day
PS-20      Time Management for Project Managers, 1 day
PS-21      Facilitation Skills for Project Managers. 1 day
PS-22      Powerful Presentation Skills for Project Mangers, 2 days