TMS – Progress Support Solution for Oracle Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project

TMS (Technical Monitoring System) is an “Add In” Software Application specifically designed to monitor the progress of any kind of project (from small and simple to large and complex) managed with Oracle Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project.

TMS has unique features not available in your Scheduling System and incorporates the “Best Practices” in use by the major EPC Companies.

TMS provides a fast and comprehensive solution for the well-known problems due to the poor features of Oracle P6 and MS Project related to Progress Reporting in general, and to the Progress Supporting in particular.

Main Features

  • User defined Main Weighting Structure with imposed and/or calculated Weights
  • User defined Alternative Weighting Structures for multiple Progress Views
  • Customizable Cut Off’s and Timescales
  • Schedule Inconsistency Checks
  • Up to 6 Baseline Distribution Series (BL1 Early & Late, BL2 Early & Late, BL1 & BL2 Average)
  • Up to 4 Current Distribution Series (Actual, Forecast Early, Forecast Late, Forecast Average)
  • On Screen Instant Charts in multiple context
  • Import of Schedule Data from XML or XLS files exported from Oracle P6 and/or MS Project
  • Baseline Management
  • Import & Consolidation of External pre-calculated Progress
  • Deliverable Progress Support linked to Schedule Activities
  • Deliverable Codes & User Defined Attributes
  • Deliverable Work Class library
  • Deliverable Import/Export
  • Deliverable user defined Layouts
  • Export of Excel files with Actual Data summarized by Activity Id for Schedule Updating


In TMS you can define an Homogenous Overall Weighting System as a mix of Imposed Weights and Calculated Weights based on different Weight Parameters (i.e. Hours, Euros etc..) imported from your Scheduling System (in XML or XLS Format).


TMS provides Multiple “On Screen” Progress Views (that you can Export in Excel) with user defined Layouts at the selected Level of detail and with different Timescales.


In TMS you can create your own Library of Typical Work Classes with predefined weighted steps and predefined measure unit.

You can export/import from/to Excel any kind of deliverable as a detail of each Schedule Activity and provide summarized Actual Progress by Activity ID for the Schedule Updating.

You can export a protected Excel Workbook for each Contractor for progress data collection outside TMS and re-import the same workbook for the Overall Progress calculation

You can create and export in Excel user defined Deliverables Layouts organized by Deliverable Codes and/or Activity Codes with selected columns, selected level of detail and with selected filter

Reporting Features

  • Reports Specs user defined and saved (Reports ready to run)
  • Report Batch (More selected Reports in one Run)
  • All Reports are generated in Excel (or PDF) format with automatic filename assignment
  • High Customization Level

Main Report Types

  • Dashboard
  • Combined Charts
  • Classic Progress Curves with and without Data Table
  • Multiple Curves in the same chart
  • Summary & Detailed Progress Tables
  • Summary & Detailed Progress Schedules
  • Performance & Trend Analysis
  • Physical Quantities Production Chart by Work Class
  • Summary & Detailed Milestone Reports
  • OTP (On Time Performance Report)


With Dashboard Report you can have in one single page the Overall Project Status in terms of Progress Curves, SPI (Schedule Performance Index – with Earned Schedule Concept), Schedule Variance (in number of days of delays or advance) and Feasibility Forecast Control.


With a Combined Charts you can select up to 8 user defined summary bars combined with the selected series of the Summary Progress Curves. Bars are filled in proportion of the progress achieved and forecast progress that exceed the planned is shown In different colour.


You can represent in one chart 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 selected Progress Curves with selected content and selected series.


With Summary Progress Table Report you can represent at any level of detail your Progress Values (Previous Cumulated, This Period and Cumulated to Date) compared with the selected Baseline. Progress can be reported in Multiple Views and with selected content.


With Quantity Production Chart Report it is possible to represent Planned, Actual and Forecast Distribution of Physical Quantities (.i.e. CM, KG etc.) summarized by Typical Work Class.

To have more details on TMS, please check the following videos:

Video 01 Schedule Requirements

Video 02 Weighting Structure

Video 03 Import and Process Schedule Data

Video 04 Deliverable Module

Video 05 Progress Views

Video 06 Reporting