Our PMWeb Project Management Information Solution Practice

CMCS’ 30 years track record in providing project management control solutions for the engineering and construction industry has enabled us to go beyond just tools implementation but also to address the project control requirements. Our professional services team that are involved in PMWeb implementation are mostly engineers who have delivered project control systems on many projects in the MENA region.

Today PMWeb is used by world leading organizations such as GE, Goldman Sachs, Harvard University, Hill International, CBRE, City of New York, European Investment Bank among many others. In the Middle East, PMWeb users include Kuwait Ministry of Public Works, Al Maabar, Dubai Parks and Resorts, Amanat Makkah, Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), Al Turath Engineering Consultant, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering, Laing O’Rourke, ConsultantHSS, Al Nasr Contracting, Associated Constructions & Investments (ASCON), Al Ryum General Contracting, Vital Quadro Consultancy (VQC), Ali Moosa & Sons, Union Properties, Bin Shafar Contracting, Brookfield Multiplex Middle East among many others.

Organizations who have selected PMWeb have reported the following benefits for using a single platform to manage, control and report on their projects selection and delivery performance:

  • Improvements in Business Practices Relating To Projects Selection and Delivery
    • Diligent Selection of Projects
    • Efficient Management of Risks and Issues
    • Implementing Sound Project Governance Practices
  • Improved Effectiveness in Avoiding and Resolving Construction Claims
    • Effective Change and Claim Management
    • Safeguarding against losses from not recovering justified Damages and/or paying for unjustified Damages
  • Enhanced Efficiency Resulting From Automating Processes and Sharing Project Information
    • Automating and Standardizing Project Management Processes, Project Document Management and Periodical Project Performance Reporting
    • Protecting Project Files and Important Documents on a Safe and Effective Retrieving Platform
  • Optimized Operating Cost
    • Optimizing the Operating Cost of managing projects by eliminating duplications, enhancing the decision making process, effective collaboration

Managing Project Life Cycle and Stage Gates
PMWeb is a multi-project, multi-program solution designed to manage the complete project life cycle for any engineering and construction project. Stage Gates are used to enforce governance at important decision points during the project life where the organization will formally review the deliverables of each stage and decide if the project still meets the desired objectives or not and if they ready to proceed with the next stage. Deliverables approval and stage gate review forms are developed using PMWeb Custom Form Builder. The formal review steps for deliverables and stage gates are mapped into PMWeb highly configurable role-based visual Workflow which allows decision branches, approval authorization limits, delegation among many others.

PMWeb Project Lifecycle

Capital Planning Stage
During this stage, PMWeb Initiatives is used to capture, assess and score all possible project investments. Cost Estimating allows bottom-up and top-down cost estimating as well as importing cost estimating for MS Excel and other cost estimating applications. Portfolio Planning is used to align initiatives with the organization’s capital plan. Using PMWeb Custom Form Builder and Workflow, the user can develop all project management processes Project Charter, Project Business Case Requirement and Project Evaluation and Scoring. PMWeb Schedule allows developing the project schedule as well as import schedules from Oracle Primavera P6 and MS Project.

PMWeb Capital Planning

Pre-Contract Stage
During this stage, PMWeb Pre-Qualification module allows designing the qualification questionnaire that consultants and contractors to help short-listing those companies to be invited to bid on the project using the Pre-Bid module. This information will be used to update the company directory in PMWeb to enable inviting only qualified contractors. The On-Line Bidding is used to capture all bid proposals for the tendered bid packages which will be analyzed using the Procurement module. Using the Custom Form Builder, PMWeb can be used to create the Technical Evaluation form which usually project owner will evaluate before assessing the commercial bid. The Commitment module will be used to capture the formal contracts award between the project owner and the contractor or consultant.

PMWeb Pre-Contract 1

All project communications during the design development and tender/award phases such as meeting minutes, correspondence, design reviews, drawings, transmittals, value engineering workshops meeting minutes, authorities approvals and permits, risk registers, issues management, weekly progress reports, public authorities approval, NOC’s, design deliverables approval among others will be captured using the Engineering Forms and Custom Form Builder along with Workflow to map the review and approval processes. All project documents including drawings, specifications and others will be stored in their original file format (DWG, PDF, XLS, WORD, etc.) using PMWeb Document Management repository which comes with a Viewer to allow reviews and redlining.

PMWeb Pre-Contract 2

Cost Estimating will be used to develop and maintain all versions of the project cost estimate as per the available level of detail. The Budget module will be used to develop and maintain project time-phased budget. The Budget Adjustment will be used to be used to document all budget changes and transfers. PMWeb Timesheets is used to capture the man-hours spent against the project activities. Those man-hours are used in the Progress Invoices to verify the actual percent complete due for the consultant. PMWeb also capturing Payments against approved Progress Invoices. Changes to the scope of any contract are captured in PMWeb using On-Line Changes, Change Events and Change Orders modules.

PMWeb Pre-Contract 3

During the Tender Construction phase, PMWeb Engineering Forms, Custom Form Builder, Workflow, Document Management, Cost Management will be used to manage all project management processes including Invitation to Tender, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) Tender Documents, Tender Addendum, Bid Clarifications, Pre-Bid Meeting, Tender Bonds, Received Tenders from Bidders whether using PMWeb on-line bidding module or through regular tender submission, Tender Submission Log, Technical evaluation, Commercial evaluation and bids comparison, Appointing of Successful Bidder and Building permit.

PMWeb Pre-Contract 4

Post Contract Stage
The post contract stage will address how to monitor and control the construction phase using the right processes for managing project records and ensuring that actions are taken without delaying project’s milestone dates. PMWeb Engineering Forms, Custom Form Builder, Workflow, Document Management, Cost Management will be used to manage Letter of Intent (LOI), Letter Of Award (LOA), Contractor’s Contract, Contract Documents, Baseline program and any monthly updates/recovery versions, Contract Addendums, Variation Orders, Bonds, Insurance and Bank guarantees, Payments applications, Site Inspection, Project Correspondence, Request for Information, Meeting Minutes, Daily Reports, Submittal and Transmittal, Safety plan, Safety and Accident Report, NOC’s and permits, Project Directory, Non-Compliance Report (NCR), As Built Drawings and O&M Manuals and catalogs, Testing & Commissioning and Snagging list. PMWeb BIM module will allow linking project’s records to Revit Building Information Modules (BIM) objects.

PMWeb Post-Contract 1

PMWeb is used to manage the processes during the defects warranty phase including Taking-Over Certificate, Final Taking-Over Certificate, No Objection Certificates (NOC), Authorities Approvals and Permits, Warranties and Guarantees, Inventory and Spare Parts Handover, Project final accounts clearance and Transfer of Completed Facilities to project owner. PMWeb COBie Manager and Document Management is used to formally document as built drawings and O&M Manuals. All those documents and manuals will be stored in their original electronic file format in PMWeb Document Management Repository.

PMWeb Post-Contract 2

Asset Management
During the Asset Management stage, PMWeb Locations will help the client in capturing and maintaining log of all completed project facilities, assets and equipments. For each asset and equipment, PMWeb allows capturing the depreciation and operation cost, preventive maintenance requirement, GPS location, Bar Code among many other important information. PMWeb Maintenance Contracts and Lease Contracts support the award and management of those agreements. PMWeb Work Requests, Work Orders, Inventory and other modules will be used to support managing this stage of the project life cycle.

PMWeb Asset Management

Projects, Programs and Portfolio Dashboard Reporting
PMWeb enables sharing and visualizing a single version of truth of projects performance and health using highly-configurable built-in Business Intelligence Reporting tool. The project performance level an organization want to report on do vary depending on what they need from a project and what matters for them most. Some stakeholders might be interest in high level key performance indicators (KPI) that address project key objectives of schedule, budget, safety, contracts, risks among others. For others, the KPI should not be limited to only those objectives but should include other critical information such as documents, issues, changes, etc. Regardless of the stakeholders needs, they all should be reporting on the same project information and no one should be allowed to manipulate what information to present.

PMWeb Dashboard


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Our Real-Time Walkthrough Services

What is Virtual Walkthrough?
Imagine being able to walk through a design and experience its circulation, evaluate special qualities and proposed materials. And imagine doing that with highest level of realism like in the best quality V ray rendered image – Real Time Walkthrough is application that allows you exactly that.

Representation of your design is only a small fraction of effort that you must undertake to design a building and often rendering images are only tool. Virtual Walkthrough goes far above that, experiencing architecture is never static (3D images) it always goes through time which is why it is important to have lifelike animated presentations.

How Does it Enhance the Decision Making Process?
Clients have difficulties to understand drawings and even rendered images are not good enough. That problem multiplies on large scale and sophisticated projects. The best way for client and architect to be confident about every design decision that they take is to actually have ability to virtually experience design. You will be able to see consequences of every design decision that you take in a computer generated virtual mockup.

What are the Benefits of Using Virtual Walkthrough?

  • Enhance understanding of overall design
  • Facilitate decision making process
  • Detect and make changes in early stage
  • Improve Review & Approval cycles
  • Enhance marketing and promotion of the project
  • Better control over Design/Construction
  • Better Coordination and Collaboration

Build a Closer Relationship with your Clients
Virtual Walk Through is a highly personal service that takes communication with client to a much higher level and establishes trust. It also brings acknowledgment from client side for providing exceptional service.

Main effort of engineering and consultancy services is unfortunately not very tangible and hence often not appreciated enough. On the other hand, service that we offer is highly personally oriented and includes improved interaction with the client.

Our Clients:

  • Architects
  • Real-estate Developers
  • Public Sector
  • General Contractors
  • Interior Designers
  • Homeowners

Interacting Possibilities
Virtual Walk‐Through offers unique ability to easily change materials, open door, turn on/off TV, move elevator or escalator stairs….and many other interaction options that brings lifelike experience and improves level of realism.

Differences Between Walkthrough/Architectural Animations?
It is important to distinguish this service from usual Architectural Animations, we go far above that.

Navigation Free to go in all directions Goes only along determined path
Quality of photorealism Exceptionally photorealistic with all details Animations appear crude and lifeless
Interaction Yes – Change materials, Lights…etc. No
Architectural Animation Included Included

Easy to Use and Navigate
For all users (Clients and Architects) there is no training or software installation required. You just need to open application with double‐click and navigate through similar like in video games.

2016-01-13 (3)


Marketing and Project Promotion Potential
There is a huge potential for applying this technology for marketing and project promotion purposes; Developers and Real estate companies can use to sell their apartments, hospitality industry for presenting hotel projects to tour‐operator, also for private villas, hospital functionality application and many other.

Easy to Share Model ‐ No Licensing Required
Once a model is completed it can be easily shared with all the parties involved in project no licensing is required. All parties: Client, Architect, Lead Consultant, Lighting Consultant, Project Manager, Contractors, Authorities….etc. can have their copy of updated model which will facilitate team coordination.

Construction Stage
In construction stage it is essential that the Contractor understands Client/Engineer design intentions. It is possible to prepare Final Walkthrough Model as an integral part of tender documents. This will guarantee successful execution of work especially for Fit‐Out Projects.


Our Project Management Office and Oversight Practice

CMCS extensive experience in setting up bespoke Project Management Offices (PMO) and the Oversight of planning, design, construction and turning over of multi-billion real estate and infrastructure development projects has made CMCS extremely knowledgeable of what it takes to complete a project on time, within budget and in accordance with the objectives of the owners.

To protect owners’ interests, CMCS provides an independent, reliable, transparent and timely assessment of the feasibility, budget, scope, planning, design, procurement and construction, quality, and risks aspects before they become costly issues that may jeopardize the successful completion and or the objectives of the project.

Our track record of success includes the successful completion of mega master planned mixed-use communities, high rise residential and office towers, shopping malls, airports and infrastructure developments.

In summary, CMCS is highly qualified to offer the following Services:

Project Management Office (PMO) Setting Up, Operating and Mentoring

Setting Up and Restructuring

  • Capabilities Assessment
  • Strategies & Objectives
  • Organization & Structure
  • Governance and Delegated Authorities including governance of SPVs
  • Project Life Cycle Stage & Stage Gates
  • Policies Manual
  • Procedures Manual
  • Job Descriptions Manual
  • Standard Forms, Reports, Logs, etc.
  • Responsibility Matrices


  • Deployment of Resources
  • Observation
  • Mentoring


  • Customized Professional Training Aligned With International Certification

Project Management Oversight Services

Project Life Cycle

Pre-Construction Phase Services

  • Client Representation
  • Project Feasibility
  • Site Analysis
  • Acquisition Management
  • Project Brief
  • Project Management Plan
  • Project Procurement Strategy
  • Consultancy Scope Management and Contracts
  • Risk Management
  • Document Management
  • Schedule Management & Reporting
  • Budget Management
  • Bid Management
  • Construction Contract Scoping & Development

Construction Phase Services

  • Client Representation
  • Site Observation
  • Document Management
  • Construction Contract Administration
  • Schedule Management & Reporting
  • Budget Management & Project Cost Control
  • Change Order Management
  • Claim Management
  • Risk management

Post-Construction Phase Services

  • Managing Final Inspections
  • Change Order Negotiations
  • Time Impact Analysis
  • Claim Management
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Arbitration Support
  • Contract Closeout


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