Borouge trains team in PDRI as key element in achieving project excellence

CMCS is pleased to announce the successful delivery of their ‘Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) Roadmap to Success’ workshop for Borouge’s Ruwais plant in the UAE. Borouge is a leading provider of innovative, value creating plastics solutions. CMCS worked in cooperation with their partner, Valency, to deliver the workshop.

PDRI is a collaborative process proven to help project team measure scope definition as projects progress through front end planning, in order to identify risks and take action. It is the world’s most widely used open standard for assessing the quality of scope definition during front end planning for capital projects.

About CMCS

For 30+ years, CMCS has empowered clients with the insight to create better and faster decisions in selecting, delivering, governing and auditing projects, programs and portfolios. We have provided our clients with the knowledge, tools, techniques and resources to capture, view and understand projects’ big data with regard to schedule, cost, quality, risk, contracts and communications. We have enabled our clients to transform their data into valuable sources of information to visualize, analyze and share a single version of the truth on a project’s status, health and performance.

CMCS has enabled 2,500+ clients in 40+ countries from Real Estate, Engineering & Construction, Infrastructure, Public Sector, Oil & Gas, Power & Utility, Information and Telecommunication among other industries to make better and faster decisions on their projects.  In the last 10 years, we have executed 3,750+ projects and shared our project management knowledge with 15,000+ professionals by delivering 36,000+ hours of classroom training.

About Valency

Valency is a Registered Education Provider with the Construction Industry Institute (CII).  Valency specializes in the implementation of CII best practices that dramatically improve performance in capital projects.