Our Mission

For 30+ years, CMCS has empowered organizations around the world with innovative solutions to make better and faster informed decisions in selecting, delivering, governing and auditing multi-billion dollar construction programs. We have provided them with the knowledge, tools, techniques and resources to enhance communication, streamline processes and deploy real-time data capturing to enforce transparency and governance with regard to schedule, cost, quality, risk, contracts and communications. We have enabled them to transform every-day data into valuable source of knowledge to visualize, analyze, predict and share a single version of the truth of projects’ status, health and performance.

Our Vision

The Portfolio, Program and Project Management Information System (P3MIS) solutions partner of choice in markets CMCS has an established presence.

Our Values

  • Equality

    Our work culture provides equal opportunities for all employees by ensuring that everybody participates in the company’s growth regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, language and social origin.

  • Empowerment

    Through tried and tested learning modules we strive to train and equip individuals with the necessary tools and techniques that promote maximum efficiency within the work place.

  • Excellence

    CMCS believes in making a concerted effort and we have a sincere desire to consistently anticipate and meet our customers’ expectations. Achieving this requires attention to detail, quality, timeliness and commitment in every aspect of managing our customers’ experience.

  • Compassion

    We believe compassion is an important factor in building a successful workplace, helping to bring the world of human interaction back into focus in organizational set ups, and shedding light on the significance of everyday interpersonal relationships at work. Focusing on compassion at work provides an opportunity to develop ways in which positive interpersonal behavior contributes to individual and organizational achievements.

  • Respect

    We aim to promote good conduct by showing esteem to different authorities, individuals and cultures regardless of age, race and origin.

  • Integrity

    We strongly believe that adhering to moral and intrinsic values is a fundamental aspect in building trustworthy relationships.

  • Diversity

    We create a global market place to better understand and meet the requirements of customers in varying demographic sectors. We therefore acknowledge and support our diversified teams globally to help us achieve the best results.

  • Teamwork

    We foster teamwork to create a work culture that values collaboration. In addition, we comprehend and recognize the diverse strengths, skills and abilities that collectively and jointly are required to contribute to the growth and success of the company, thus we encourage collaborative team spirit to promote efficiency.

  • Efficiency

    Our objective is to optimize our tools and resources to effortlessly impart the highest quality and timely delivery of services, and consequently achieve the desired goals.