KPMG 2016 Global Construction Survey

I would like to share with you KPMG 2016 Global Construction Survey, which includes survey findings from over 200 senior executives that reaffirmed how technology is playing an integral part in helping the industry realize these goals through enhanced planning, design, tendering and construction.

We both know technology inevitably brings disruption in its wake, at a speed that is likely to increase exponentially in the coming years. The quicker we can collectively embrace the exciting potential of technology, the greater our combined contribution to business and society. However, not all executives are fully embracing technology. In fact, only 8% of respondents can be categorized as ‘cutting-edge visionaries’ while 69% are considered either ‘industry followers’ or ‘behind the curve’.

Additional Key Findings Include:

Data volume is rising – but the industry struggles to draw insights. Nearly 75% are not using advanced analytics for project related estimation and performance monitoring

Integrated, real-time project reporting is still a dream versus reality. Only 20% of respondents using a single, fully integrated project management information system (PMIS) across their enterprise

CMCS Portfolio, Program and Project Management Information System (P3MIS) solutions addressed most the technology aspects identified by the KPMG report. We are glad that organizations like Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects, Dubai Parks and Resorts, Eagle Hills, Qatari Diar, SHUROOG, Union Properties, UAE Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Kuwait Ministry of Public Works, Amanat Makkah, European Investment Bank among many others have elected CMCS to set their P3MIS solutions.

CMCS will be glad to present you with our P3MIS solutions that are designed to provide you and your organization with an Integrated, real-time project reporting at “push a one button” to communicate project status swiftly and accurately in an accountable, transparent and governed format. We are introducing innovative Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor and report on project’s manpower, equipment and assets. We are partnering with Drone and Time Lapse camera operators to bring complete visualization to construction progress monitoring. In addition, we are improving our BIM offerings including 4D Scheduling, 5D Cost Estimation, 7D RFI communication and BIM Visualization. Further, we are growing our offerings for commercial real estate feasibility analysis, valuation, asset management, revenue management among others.

To download your copy of the KPMG report, please check this link

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and how we at CMCS can help you and your organization to become your market leader.