McKinsey Report on Imagining construction’s Digital Future

I would like to share with you McKinsey Report on Imagining construction’s Digital Future.

The report details the five trends will shape construction and capital projects which included

  1. Higher-definition surveying and geolocation
  2. Next-generation 5D building information modeling
  3. Digital collaboration and mobility
  4. The Internet of Things and Advanced Analysis
  5. Future-Proof Design and Construction

The report is available on

CMCS is pleased that today we are already offers items 2, 3 and 4 above. Nomitech CostOS is the only true 5D Cost Estimating solution available today that has no limit on the size of the BIM file that it can read for building the cost estimate plus many other features that made it the choice of all major organizations globally.

As for digital for collaboration and mobility, PMWeb PMIS is the solution that address in full what an engineering and construction site should have. We are glad that organizations like Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects, Dubai Parks and Resorts, Eagle Hills, Qatari Diar, SHUROOG, Union Properties, UAE Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Kuwait Ministry of Public Works, Amanat Makkah, European Investment Bank among many others have elected CMCS to set their P3MIS solutions.

Finally, our LITUM IoT address all the functions and features stated under The Internet of Things and Advanced Analysis and more. The LITUM IoT is not only capable of tracking personnel status and location, tracking equipment and vehicles and monitoring gas, dust, temperature and other environmental parameters but also track the physical document folders and boxes.

Hope you will find this report of value.