Our Real-Time Walkthrough Services

What is Virtual Walkthrough?
Imagine being able to walk through a design and experience its circulation, evaluate special qualities and proposed materials. And imagine doing that with highest level of realism like in the best quality V ray rendered image – Real Time Walkthrough is application that allows you exactly that.

Representation of your design is only a small fraction of effort that you must undertake to design a building and often rendering images are only tool. Virtual Walkthrough goes far above that, experiencing architecture is never static (3D images) it always goes through time which is why it is important to have lifelike animated presentations.

How Does it Enhance the Decision Making Process?
Clients have difficulties to understand drawings and even rendered images are not good enough. That problem multiplies on large scale and sophisticated projects. The best way for client and architect to be confident about every design decision that they take is to actually have ability to virtually experience design. You will be able to see consequences of every design decision that you take in a computer generated virtual mockup.

What are the Benefits of Using Virtual Walkthrough?

  • Enhance understanding of overall design
  • Facilitate decision making process
  • Detect and make changes in early stage
  • Improve Review & Approval cycles
  • Enhance marketing and promotion of the project
  • Better control over Design/Construction
  • Better Coordination and Collaboration

Build a Closer Relationship with your Clients
Virtual Walk Through is a highly personal service that takes communication with client to a much higher level and establishes trust. It also brings acknowledgment from client side for providing exceptional service.

Main effort of engineering and consultancy services is unfortunately not very tangible and hence often not appreciated enough. On the other hand, service that we offer is highly personally oriented and includes improved interaction with the client.

Our Clients:

  • Architects
  • Real-estate Developers
  • Public Sector
  • General Contractors
  • Interior Designers
  • Homeowners

Interacting Possibilities
Virtual Walk‐Through offers unique ability to easily change materials, open door, turn on/off TV, move elevator or escalator stairs….and many other interaction options that brings lifelike experience and improves level of realism.

Differences Between Walkthrough/Architectural Animations?
It is important to distinguish this service from usual Architectural Animations, we go far above that.

Navigation Free to go in all directions Goes only along determined path
Quality of photorealism Exceptionally photorealistic with all details Animations appear crude and lifeless
Interaction Yes – Change materials, Lights…etc. No
Architectural Animation Included Included

Easy to Use and Navigate
For all users (Clients and Architects) there is no training or software installation required. You just need to open application with double‐click and navigate through similar like in video games.

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Marketing and Project Promotion Potential
There is a huge potential for applying this technology for marketing and project promotion purposes; Developers and Real estate companies can use to sell their apartments, hospitality industry for presenting hotel projects to tour‐operator, also for private villas, hospital functionality application and many other.

Easy to Share Model ‐ No Licensing Required
Once a model is completed it can be easily shared with all the parties involved in project no licensing is required. All parties: Client, Architect, Lead Consultant, Lighting Consultant, Project Manager, Contractors, Authorities….etc. can have their copy of updated model which will facilitate team coordination.

Construction Stage
In construction stage it is essential that the Contractor understands Client/Engineer design intentions. It is possible to prepare Final Walkthrough Model as an integral part of tender documents. This will guarantee successful execution of work especially for Fit‐Out Projects.