P727 TILOS 8.0 Basic Course, for planning and scheduling railways, highways, roads and pipelines

TILOS (TIme LOcation System) is planning software for managing linear construction projects, basically utilities and infrastructure projects. It can be used in different construction industries, like Highway-, Railway-, Metro-, Fast Tram-, Pipeline- and Tunnel Construction, but also in Water Engineering or Transmission Line Building.

Traditional planning systems display their results in bar charts or network diagrams. Linear projects present unique challenges because the crews and equipment move along the construction right-of-way to perform their work. Permits, environmental constraints, construction related issues and risk elements are easily incorporated into the plan to give a single overall view of the project. Neither of the traditional diagrams are able to show a graphical link between the location where the work is performed (the distance axis) and the time when it is executed (the time axis).

TILOS is used to incorporate design details, construction challenges, risk elements and your project schedule in a single view. It is fully integrated with the leading CPM scheduling tools. It is simply the best tool for planning and managing linear projects.

Who Should Attend

This course target is for Project Portfolio Managers, Program Managers, Project Managers, Enterprise and Project Risk Managers, Project Control Managers, Project Control Engineers, Engineers and Planners, Information Technology Managers.

In What Type of Projects

Highways, Roads, Railways, Metro, Tunnels, Pipelines, Ducts and Culverts, Power Transmission, Solar Cells, Wind Farms, High Rise Buildings and any type of linear project.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Linear Planning and Scheduling Concept
  • Understanding and using the graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Creating TILOS project files / project template concept
  • Creating objects / tasks including task calculation, color scheme, annotation and structure
  • Creating and using task templates and task groups
  • Inserting, positioning and processing of graphics like drawings etc.
  • Linking tasks and rescheduling
  • Modeling task calculation types for duration, productivity rate, quantity estimations
  • Analyzing Linear Project Case Study in Tilos
  • Exercises
  • Layout and cell concept
  • Creating own views and cell systems
  • Creating and using distance profile diagrams and histograms
  • Creating and using time profile diagrams and histograms
  • Cell contents: time-distance diagram, scales and grids
  • Gantt charts
  • Commenting the view: legends, logos, stamp fields
  • Time – Distance diagram printing
  • Analyzing Linear Project Case Study in Tilos
  • Exercises