P777 Improving Your Confidence to Make Better and Faster Informed Project Decisions through Software Collaboration Tool

Regardless of the project type you are managing, collaboration among project team members as well as other project stakeholders is a must and not an option. Similar to any other practice, project management has established the knowledge, tools and techniques that effective collaboration must address. This workshop will detail the requirements for setting a project collaboration environment that will provide stakeholders with the insight to make better and faster informed decisions on their projects.


  • Understand project management definitions and requirements that a Collaboration tool must fulfil
  • What project management functions that a Collaboration tool must support?
  • Automating Project Management Processes to Ensure Successful Collaboration
  • Identifying KPIs to Manage the Performance of Project Management Processes
  • Visualizing a Single Version of the Truth of Projects Performance
  • Supporting the Decision Making and Implementation Process Through Collaboration
  • Selecting the Best Collaboration Software for Your Projects


  • Define your project life cycle stages
  • Identify the project management processes that you need your project team to collaborate on
  • Understand how to automate a project management process
  • Understand how to manage the health of a project management process
  • Understand how to share project information for better and faster decisions
  • Understand how to ensure that project decisions are implemented


  • Introduction
    • What is Project Collaboration?
    • Benefits of Successful Project Collaboration
    • Key Challenges In Achieving Successful Collaboration On Projects Environment
  • What Is Needed For A Sustainable Integrated Project Management Collaboration Environment?
    • Capturing Data From Project Management Processes
    • Promoting Project Governance and Accountability While Capturing Project Data
    • Convert Project Data To Information
    • Visualize a Single Version of the Truth on the Project’s Performance and Health
    • Make Right Decisions as It Relate To Delivering Projects Right
    • Ensure that Decisions Are Implemented Successfully
  • Blend and Associate Project Management Data With Other Data Sources To Improve Collaboration at Corporate Level
  • Quantifying The Benefit Of Project Collaboration Solution
  • Selecting the Best Collaboration Software for Your Projects
  • Workshop Wrap Up

Course Leader

Bassam Samman PMP, PSP, EVP, GPM

Bassam holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Kuwait University and a Master’s Degree in Engineering Administration from the George Washington University. He has attended executive management programs at Harvard Business School (HBS) and London Business School (LBS). He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), a certified Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP), Earned Value Professional (EVP) and Green Project Management (GPM). He is thoroughly experienced in Project Management including project control systems, project collaboration and management information systems, risk management, construction management, claims management, strategy execution among others. Bassam has 35 years’ experience in Project Management Consultancy and he is the CEO and Founder of CMCS.