Shurooq Supports Sustainable Project Management Practices

The Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) is running a four-day training program on sustainable methods, undertaken by employees of the Authority and other government representatives such as Sharjah Municipality, Sharjah Urban Planning and Bee’ah.

The ‘P848 Certified Green Project Manager Program’ – a Projects Integrating Sustainable Methods (PRiSM) Practitioner training course, which is registered with the International Project Manager Association – began on 15th March, 2015. The program aims to train, educate and develop individuals in project management and sustainability to improve the management and delivery of all types of projects. Over the four days participants learn how to weave sustainable methods into the fabric of their projects; the course will show how these changes can best be integrated into businesses to become normal embedded organizational practices.

The program adheres to project management standards based on ISO 215000 Guidance for Project Management. Leaning outcomes encompass topics including how to measure and report on projects using the GPM P5 Standard – Social, Economic & Environmental Sustainability, Project Process, and Products as measurable bottom lines and Performance Indicators – and various ISA Standards on Energy Management, Environmental Management, Quality Management, Social Responsibility and Asset Management.

The program is targeted at business leaders, experienced project, program and portfolio managers, business analysts, sustainability coordinators, CSR professionals and environmental managers. GPM Global, the worldwide provider of training courses, will provide all participants with a complimentary one-year membership and access to the member website.

HE Marwan bin Jassim Al Sarkal, CEO of Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), said: “We place real emphasis at Shurooq on the crucial importance of environmental sustainability, in the face of critical global issues such as global warming, pollution, the depletion of natural resources, and energy efficiency and conversation. The PRiSM course will give employees a Strong grounding in the techniques of project and sustainability management, to minimize pollution and wastage as a by-product of projects, and ensure this philosophy is implemented as the standard business practice across the whole organization”.

Al Sarkal added: “Education and training for employees is a top priority at Shurooq. We selected this program after a rigorous selection process because it closely aligns with our goals and principles. Our employees will benefit from the provision of training encompassing internationally recognized best practices administered by a world-class training provider”.

The training’s duration is for four days each encompass four to six modules on a diverse range of subjects related to sustainability. At the end of each day delegates carry out a practical project or assessment lasting approximately two hours based on what they have learned. The program concludes with participants taking the GPM-b or PRL exam for the GPM-b Certification.

Shurooq’s key mission is to provide facilities and incentives to help overcome obstacles facing investment activities in the emirate, evaluate investment-related infrastructure projects, and lay down the necessary plans to complete such projects.

In recognition of its overall accomplishments, Shurooq was named The Banking Awards 2013 – and 2014 FDI Agency of the Year in the MENA region, in the European’s Global Banking and Finance Award